5 Gifting Options This Easter


Easter makes up for the lull that follows after the Holiday season.  It’s the first big festivity of the year for families (Valentine’s Day is primarily for those involved in romantic relationships). While we take pains to find the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones, Easter isn’t given even half as much as the importance.  However one should keep in mind that after Easter the next family festivities come at the last quarter of the year, (we’re referring to Thanksgiving). Easter gifting is still an area that hasn’t been explored too much. But when you’re away from your family, it is important to make your presence felt. Easter is a good time to do so. With online gifting portals booming, sending gifts across the seven seas is a cake walk.

We’ve shortlisted a few of our top products; Easter flowers and Easter gifts that are a favorite amongst our customers. There’s no need for you to go out on a mad search for the perfect Easter gift. Send Easter gifts online using international flower delivery services.

Pink Champagne


Bright with the charm of Spring and the pastel pink of Easter, this arrangement of roses makes the perfect surprise for Easter.  This product contains 12 medium stemmed pink roses wrapped in fancy paper and tied with a ribbon.



A gorgeous mixed flowers bouquet complete with the vibrancy of Spring, this arrangement has Easter attached all over it. Send your heartfelt Easter wishes with this arrangement and you will surely make an impression. This arrangement comes with hot pink gerberas, pink roses, moonshade carnations, oregonia and Italian ruscus.



If you’ve been away from your family for a long time this is the perfect way to make your presence left this with this lively floral arrangement. What’s interesting is that this arrangement contains 18 long stems yet makes an extravagant cluster of about 50 roses, thanks to its multiple bloom trait. It comes in a vibrant combination of yellow, red, orange and pink spray roses.

Easter Bunny Sweet Treat


A basket of Easter goodness so rich, it will have the recipient asking for more. This delicious food basket contains Jelly beans, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, M&M’s, Skittles, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls in a Tootsie Roll bank, Sweet Tarts, Nerds, Butterfingers, Laffy Taffy, Fun Dips and the list goes on and on. You can read the full product specifications here.

A Fancy Easter


Don’t let the spirit of Easter dull out just because you aren’t around your loved ones. Send them a fancy Easter surprise with this basket of delicious goodies. This arrangement contains Reese’s peanut butter eggs , jelly beans, an assortment of Easter Sweet Tarts, Butterfingers, M&M’s, Nerds, Life Saver Gummies, peanut crunch, Fun Dip, Sour Punch Twists, lollipops, Laffy Taffy, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls and a lot more.

We hope this Easter celebration turns out to be most memorable for you and your loved ones so far. If you think you can add to our Easter gifts suggestions, please feel free to do so in the comment box below. Wishing you a delightful Easter!


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What Do Women Prefer, Flowers Or Gifts?


Research has shown that 96% of women like to receive flowers when they’re not expecting them. It isn’t always necessary for you to have a reason to send flowers, sometimes flowers can be sent simply.

If you don’t have an occasion to celebrate, then here’s your chance to create one.

Women love surprises, and they love men who take time out to surprise them, a whole lot more. With international flower delivery, sending surprises has become easier than ever.

A woman appreciates the fact that her man was trying to do something meaningful for her. Flowers make simple yet meaningful gifts, their worth can’t be measured in money. It is the thought that counts. Bouquets come across as symbols of love and affection that last but for a few days. It’s a completely impractical gift, and that is why it makes more sense to a woman, because it is beyond barter.


For women, the cost of the gift doesn’t matter too much, but the thought that has gone behind it.

Getting an impromptu gift means a lot to women. It gives them confidence in the relationship they share with their man and also in themselves. It gives her an assurance that her man took time out to think about her and do something thoughtful, and that he doesn’t need a special occasion to surprise her. And this feeling for a woman, is more important than the satisfaction that she gets from a material gift.

A floral gift has more value when the man takes time out to choose a flower arrangement that fits his special woman. So men, go beyond the traditional red and pink roses. Use your imagination; send a her a fresh bouquet of lilies or orchids. If you are planning to surprise her, don’t let it be a typical one.

Flowers smell fresh; feel fresh and women feel wonderful that someone has cared enough to send them an unexpected floral surprise.

Women love being the cause of envy. She’ll love being the center of attraction at her office bay as that proud bunch of blooms; you gifted her, sparkles on her desk.

To make it even more special, men can send in a hand-written note with the bunch of blooms. In today’s age of smart phones, emotions are being spilled on chat applications in overflowing quantity. But in contrast, a simple thoughtful handwritten note would mean so much.

Although flowers aren’t as lasting as a dress or jewelery, they have their own value because they give a different kind of joy. The joy of flowers is short-lived and that is exactly what makes it more precious.

Every time she sees the flowers you sent, she will think of you and will be so much in love with you. Women are romantic beings, who are perpetually in love with the idea of romance. A dreamy reminder like a bouquet of flowers is surely something they’ll love over anything else.

The most important thing to know is that, men; you simply can’t go wrong with flowers. All you have to do is select a bouquet you think she’ll love, and flora2000.com will have it delivered in the most pristine condition. And the best part is, you’ll get all the credit for the surprise.


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How Flowers Help Long Distance Loving

unitedLoving is tough; long-distance loving, only tougher. It’s important to give meaning to your love life, and more so in a long distance relationship, because you’re stripped of your most basic necessity of relationship-building i.e. meeting each other.

Even if you can’t be present, there are plenty of ways to make your presence felt. It’s not necessary that you spend a lot of money, what’s important is the amount of effort you put in to making your presence felt. While some choose expensive jewellery, electronics or other gifts to surprise their sweethearts, experts have suggested flowers especially in the case of long-distance relationships.

People have been expressing love with flowers for thousands of years. The only difference today is that it’s become a lot a easier to send your wishes across the globe. In the month of love, you are surely going to miss your special someone and there’s no better way to make up for your absence than by sending flowers. Planning well in advance for occasions and a timely delivery makes a floral gift doubly worth. A personalized letter makes it even better.

Choosing Flowers
Choosing flowers based on the significance and meaning they have to you as a couple is a genuine way to show that you care. Pinks, reds and whites remain the traditional favorite of couples. However a mixed colored bunch or radiant contrast of any two uncommon colors also makes a great choice. For extra special occasions, you can add a cake or perfume to the floral delivery.

So what if you aren’t there to wish her/him a good morning or a goodnight you can always make your presence felt with fresh flowers. At flora2000.com we give you the chance to keep reminders for all special occasions, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries etc. You need not restrict your floral gifts to his/her home alone, you can surprise him/her on a dull Monday with a blooming bunch of posies too. We undertake international flower delivery to 190 countries, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re miles apart. We’ll make sure we deliver your gifts on time and in the most pristine conditions.

So go ahead and book a beautiful bunch of flowers for your special one.


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8 Helpful Tips For Long Lasting Valentine’s Day Flowers

Do you feel all dreamy when you look at the flowers your beau gifted you and wish that they’d last forever? Sadly they don’t. Before they turn into a fossilized bookmark, enjoy the sight of them while they last with these simple helpful tips. Buy another bunch once they die.

Soda Can Be Useful Too

That unhealthy bottle of soda lying in your fridge can be to put to some good use. Pour about 4 spoons of soda into the water in your flower vase. The sugar in the soda will make your flowers last longer.

Tip: Use clear sodas , unless you like your base to look colorful.


Your favorite grooming accessory can also double up as a flower preserving agent. At a distance of a foot, spurt some hairspray on to the undersides of the leaves and petals. The flowers will continue looking fresh for a longer span.


Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to flower care, you don’t really have to look beyond your hair care routine.  Apart from taking care of your skin and hair apple cider vinegar can also double up as a preserving agent. Mix the water in the vase with 2 spoons of sugar and 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar. Change the water daily and add a fresh mixture of vinegar and sugar to the water.


Apart from keeping your spirits high, the vodka will also make your cut flowers last long. Mix two spoonfuls of vodka with 2 spoonfuls of sugar and add it to the water in your flower vase.  Keep changing the vodka and sugar mixture to keep the flowers fresh.


Crushed aspirin in water is the most common and most effective advice for preserving cut flowers. Only tip we’d like to add is, don’t forget to change the water with a fresh new crushed aspirin everyday.


The only reason why flowers die quickly is because of the bacterial growth in the water that they’re stored in. Mix a spoon of sugar with ¼ teaspoon of bleach and add it to the water in which the flowers are kept.

A Penny A Day Keeps The Flowers Fresh

Sorry can’t rhyme, but the copper in the penny acts as an acidifier and will stop the bacteria from spreading in the stagnant water.


Sugar in itself is enough to keep flowers fresh. If you don’t have any of the fancy things we mentioned above, just add 3 spoons of sugar everyday and don’t forget to change the water daily.

We hope your flowers last long this Valentine’s season and in case they don’t we hope your beau sends you another fresh bunch of flowers. With online flower delivery it’s all so easy. :D Have a splendid Valentine’s week lovers!


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What To Gift A Man On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gifting can be stressful. Choosing gifts for women is tedious because men are spoilt for choice. Choosing gifts for men is tedious, cause it seems like there aren’t enough options. Women are often faced with the dilemma of wanting to gift something meaningful but are often lost in zeroing down on the perfect gift.

We interviewed a few men and unlocked the eternal question of what to gift a man on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the spoils:

Time Time And More Time

Most men just wanted their better halves to spend the entire day with them. Material gifts don’t really matter.

man womanThis the best gift that you can surprise your love with. For a change, let Valentine’s Day be about him and not you. Give him company doing the things he likes doing.

Team Jersey

The simplest things can make a man happy. Know his favorite team?

gift2Get him a jersey! He’ll love you even more, for taking the effort to get him a meaningful gift. It’s the little things that matter.

Video Games

Most men love video games. A few days before V-Day discreetly observe his choice in video games.

Woman beating her fiance while playing video gamesFind out the genre he loves the most, do a little search online and gift him a video game you think he’d love. To make it an even greater surprise, spend some quality time playing the new game with him.


You know his favorite genre and there must be this particular hard-to-find book that he has been looking for a while.

vintageGo the extra mile and get him that special edition, hardbound collector’s item. He will love you more than ever.

Your First Drink Together

Remember the first drink that you two got drunk to? Buy him exactly that bottle of alcohol. He will love to reminisce those precious memories.

wineTo make the affair a tad more romantic, set up a table with his favorite meal, and adorn it with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers you can book through online flower delivery.

 Poster Of His Favorite Film/Inspirational Person

Buy him a vintage poster of favorite film or a significant personality he looks up to and frame it.

superHe will love a surprise such as this.


No man can say no chocolates (well almost no man).

dakrMake sure you know whether he likes dark chocolates or white chocolates and gift him the finest box of chocolates that you can get your hands on. Watch his heart slowly melt at the sight of all that delicious chocolate.

Bake A Cake

The effort you take into baking a cake will melt his heart.

loveIf you aren’t too sure of your baking skills, buy him one by booking online (just to play it safe).

Write Him A Love Letter

Men may pretend like they aren’t really the mushy kinds, but they love the attention you give them. Write him a heart-felt love letter that expresses how much he means to you.

post flowersIf you are in a long distance relationship, you can make this even more romantic by sending him the love letter by post and also booking flowers through international flower delivery services.

If you think you have more ideas to make Valentine’s Day right for men, mention them in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you. We hope you make it a special one for your special man.


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5 V-Day Ideas To Help You Plan In Advance

Year and after year, you send yourself into a blind panic on Valentine’s eve. How about doing something different this year? We got our thinking caps on early this Valentine’s Day and have jotted down 5 awesome ideas for you to surprise your Valentine.

1. Surprise Vacation

cozy outdoors‘Plan in advance’ is the key to execute this idea. Book a weekend getaway not too far away from home, but beautiful enough to leave her mesmerized. You can give her a surprise by packing her bags and picking her up from office. Gift her a bunch of flowers and hide the tickets to your vacation in it. She will love it!

2.Give Her A Bouquet That Suits Her Personality


If nothing, a floral surprise always works. Gift her an arrangement that will suit her personality. She will appreciate the effort you in put in, in choosing the flowers. Valentine’s Day flower delivery services are spread all across the globe.

3.Balloon Boom


Insert a surprise (ring, love note, concert tickets) inside a balloon, add some confetti in it and blow it up. Let her pop it to get the surprise.

4. Pop Up A Proposal

proposalWhat better day than Valentine’s day to put a ring on her finger? Ask her the question she’s been eagerly waiting to hear this Valentine’s. You can hide the ring in a bunch of fresh flowers or in a box of chocolates of her choice.

5.Treasure Hunt

flowersIf she’s the kind who loves adventures, then she’ll love this surprise. Give her clues that’ll lead her to the gift that she has been waiting to get. The adrenaline rush to get to the gift will keep her excited all throughout. And she’ll only be more happy when she finally gets the gift.

Don’t stop at our ideas, let your imagination go wild this Valentine’s Day. You still have more than a month to plan a fantasticValentine’s Day surprise. We hope you have a memorable Valentine’s Day!


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6 Quick And Easy New Year Decor Ideas

There’s nothing quite like welcoming the New Year with a bang. And what’s New Year’s without some fun home decor. Below are 10 fuss free decor ideas.

Tinsel New Year

Cut out “2015″ in cardboard. Wrap it up in tinsel of gold or silver (your choice. Gold looks fancy though).  Add hooks to each of the digits and hang them on a thin string.

Cover up the string with some more tinsel, some of the tinsel can hang loosely. This is another decor idea for your alcohol deck. Picture has been used for representation purpose only.

Glitter Bottles

Let your sparkling wine, sparkle literally this New Year’s. Spread liquid adhesive on your champagne bottle, leaving 1/4th at the top.

Sprinkle glitter over the adhesive. Spray the adhesive again and add another layer of glitter. Do this till it’s completely covered in glitter. We recommend Briar Creek Cellar’s Chardonnay, makes a fine drink. You can book it here.

Bubbly Spirit

Liven up the wall behind your alcohol deck with balloons.

Use balloons that stand in contrast to the color on your wall and blow them in different sizes (for the love of asymmetry).

Glitter Hats

Add a dash of glitter to your regular party hats with a little glitter and tinsel garland. Spread glue all over the hat and sprinkle powdered fine glitter all over it.

Stick a tinsel garland around the rim of the hat and a cut out a half an inch of the garland and stick to the top of the hat.

Shiny Lanterns

Spray adhesive across your lantern.

Sprinkle glitter all over. Repeat till your lantern is completely covered in glitter.

Glitter Glasses

Surprise your guests with some more glitter. Spread glue asymmetrically across your champagne and wine glasses and sprinkle them with glitter.

Make sure you this a day or two in advance, you don’t want your guests to consume glitter with their champagne.

We hope you liked our ideas and we wish you a sparkling New Year’s. If you have any DIY ideas that you would like to share, please add them in the comment box below. We look forward to your response.


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11 Classy And Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s that time of the year again when you’ll have guests flocking over to your house for the annual Christmas party. And we understand that you can’t wait to play the perfect host and have already started decorating your house for the perfect party. But wait, you don’t want to overdo it. We have lined up 11 classy and creative Christmas decoration ideas for your abode.

Christmas Candles


Add a touch of Christmas to your dining table or your study with these Christmas themed candles. You can buy snowflake stickers and stick them on glasses. Place white tea light candles in them and let the Christmas magic pour in.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments


You can breathe new life into your old batch of cookie cutters by turning them into Christmas ornaments. Simply cover one side with gifting paper. Attach a wire string at the top of the cutter and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also add a Christmassy touch to chandelier by hanging these home made ornaments.

Christmas Themed Flower Arrangement


Sometimes, a fresh bunch of flowers do the trick. You can simply book a gorgeous Christmas themed flower arrangement from flora2000.com by choosing from a vast Christmas collection. Flora2000.com has flowers for all the rooms in your house.

Cork Ornaments

Cork Ornaments All it took to make this snowman ornament were some Champagne corks, fun buttons, patterned ribbon, and a little bit of imagination.

Got corks left from your last party? Don’t throw them away; instead turn them into cute little Christmas ornaments. Here’s an example of a Snowman made out of 3 corks. Whitewash 3 corks; glue them together by placing one on top of the other. Use buttons for buttons and for the hat. Draw out the crooked smile add stick tiny buttons for eyes and nose. You can use 2 screws for the hands. This cork snowman can be used as a Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree, or can be placed on your dining table, to add that extra dose of Christmas magic to your dining table.

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Don't toss your old bottle caps. Turn them into Prancer, Dancer, and Rudolph ornament SourceThe Country Chic Cottage

There’s plenty of good you can do from used bottle caps. One is turning them into adorable Christmas ornaments. Buy a few pair of wobbly eyes, buttons for noses and pick twigs from a tree and you have reindeer ornaments! Use your imagination and you can come up with many others.

Christmas Ornaments And Dining Table

Dining Room

Hang Christmas ornaments from the chandelier above the dining table.


Instant Glamour

You can ornament your Christmas stockings by sticking a silver brooch to it.

Christmas Mantelshelf

Christmas mantelpiece

Give your mantelshelf a Christmas make over by decking it up with white tea light candles in glasses, wreaths and other Christmassy things.

Pillow Case


This is the simplest way to make your couch look all Christmassy. Buy golden colored pillow cases and embellish them a festive red bow.



Let the artist in you spring up with this simple and elegant reindeer idea. On a single colored wall/door, sketch out a reindeer. You can use this image as reference.



You can stick large snowflakes made of ice cream sticks to your walls.

We hope you liked our ideas. If you got ideas that you wish to share, you can add them in the comment box below.


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5 Contemporary Christmas Wreath Ideas

Did you know that the Christmas custom of hanging a wreath on the front door has been taken from Rome’s New Year celebrations? Romans wished each other “good health” by exchanging branches of evergreens. Contemporary wreath designs often don’t even involve evergreens anymore. We’ve explored a few wreath designs that are made from anything but evergreens. These wreaths are fun to make and will make your front door look great for the Holiday celebrations.

Snowman Wreath


This Snowman shaped wreath as the name suggests, doubles up as a wreath and a Snowman. For the hat, you can cut out a black card-board in the shape of a hat. The three circles can be made of scraps of white cloth woven in circles around a wire twisted and turned in the shape of a circle. You can use a spare red scarf to keep your Snowman wreath warm.

Santa Wreath

This wreath combines Santa and the spirit of Christmas in an innovative way. Weave scraps of bright red cloth around a wire twisted in the shape of a circle. Attach a belt made of cardboard in the center of the wreath. You can give “Ho Ho Ho” a skip, as the wreath is self-explanatory.

Rudolph Wreath


The reindeer Wreath is yet another subtle yet elegant way of adding the magic of Christmas to your front door. Get a burlap wreath and place large a red berry in place of Rudolph’s nose. You can carve the antlers out of red card paper.

Wolly Candy Cane Wreath


Wrap wool threads of red and white in parts around a circular tube. Embellish it with an artificial snowflake and sprigs of red and white berries.

Woody Wreath


Make a circular crown of dried branches. You can embellish it with the ornament of your choice. We’ve added a snowman.

We hope you liked our wreath ideas. If you have any ideas to share please add them in the comment box below.

If you want to send Christmas flowers to loved ones, click here.


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9 Reasons Why An Ordinary Day In Switzerland, Is Anything But Ordinary

The timeless beauty of the Swiss Alps has never failed to astonish people from all over the world. But the Alps alone don’t make this place so beautiful. The gorgeous flowers on the Swiss Alps plays an equally important role in making this place a tourist hub. Flowers on the snow frosted Alps, are like the colorful sprinkles on a cake with frosting. Switzerland is also known as every photographers dream destination for obvious reasons.

We’ve made a short collection of how this place looks on an ordinary day. And we have to admit, it looks anything but ordinary.

Tulips in Interlaken Switzerland

Tulips in Interlaken, Switzerland.Tulips can never fail to look gorgeous. Place them in Interlaken and they look surreal and only add more beauty to the place.

Just another sunrise at Interlaken, Switzerland.

Just another sunrise at Interlaken, Switzerland.
Beautiful is an understatement. The Swiss Alps being gorgeous and this is only the tip of the beauty.

swiss alps
Grindelwand, Switzerland

Grindelwand, SwitzerlandOne of the many beautiful things, on an average day in this quiet village in Switzerland.

Yellow flowers making Obermonten, St. Antoni, more beautiful.

Yellow flowers adding making Obermonten
Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux, Switzerland  Flowers blooming on the waterfront of Lake Geneva, with a vague peek of the Alps in the background.Flowers blooming on the waterfront of Lake Geneva, with a peek of the Alps in the background.

Switzerland is home to Tropical flower too.

Tropical flower walk around lake Geneva Switzerland17 Days in Switzerland and Italy (3) - Montreux, Switzerland

Switzerland In The Summers

Beautiful Switzerland - slope, peaks, colorful, sky, cliffs, Switzerland, Swiss, clouds, lvoely, mist, nice, grass, beautiful, rocks, flowers, pretty, mountain, park, nature, tree, wildflowers, summer
Too much beauty in this picture: snow peaks, cliffs, clouds, mist, rocks and not to forget the wildflowers.

Kapellbrücke, Lucerne

Lucerne, SwitzerlandThe Chapel bridge of Lucerne is a historic Swiss landmark and serves as a good reason to visit Lucerne. Originally called the Kapellbrücke, this place is located just in front of the main station in Lucerne. It is the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland, dating back to the 14th century, that is adorned by gorgeous colourful flowers.It runs diagonally across the Reuss river

What we’ve covered is only the tip of Switzerland’s floral beauty. This land is blessed with an abundance of beauty that can be best known only by exploring. Switzerland has the world’s freshest flowers and if you wish to send flowers to your loved ones in Switzerland, all you have to do is click here and book the flowers of your choice. If you think you have more to add to our post, feel free to express yourself in the comment box below.


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