Meaning and Symbolism of Different Colors of Tulip Flowers!

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Colors of Tulip Flowers!

Tulips and the Secret They Speak: Know the Meaning of Different Tulip Colors 

Tulips are the ideal flowers to give to your special someone during spring. We know that roses have been the top priority for everyone, but why not bring a change and gift tulips to people you love? Whether the receiver is your lover, friend, coworker, or any relative, you can give tulips to everyone, as they represent true love and new life. Tulips come in different colors like white, red, yellow, orange, and more, and these colors signify different meanings. Below is a list of the meanings of different tulip colors which will help you know what kind of tulip you can give to someone and on what occasions.

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The Meaning of Different Colors of Tulips 

White Tulips:

White tulips are a universal sign of sympathy and loss. The soft white of the tulips creates an uplifting and relaxing ambience. Since their smell is so gentle, white tulips are often offered at funerals, and their beauty is the reason why they are used to decorate graves. You can offer white tulips to someone to communicate your sorrow because of their calming effect on the environment.  

Yellow tulips:

In the past, they stood for hopeless love and jealousy, but today they have brighter meanings, just like their color. Today, yellow tulips are a symbol of joy, sunshine, and new beginnings. For the Victorians, yellow tulips were a physical representation of the phrase “There’s sunshine in your smile.” So you can give this flower to someone whose smile is as bright as the sun, no matter where they live, because you can send flowers to Philippines with our help.

Red Tulips:

The color red is commonly associated with feelings of vigor, enthusiasm, strength, bravery, and resolve. Some different emotions are also attached to this color as well; after all, what color do you think of when you hear phrases like “passion,” “love,” and “romance”? Giving someone you care about deeply a bouquet of red long-life tulips is a kind gesture.  

Orange Tulips:

Tulips in an orange color symbolize compassion and comprehension. Historically, individuals would exchange orange tulips as a way of resolving disputes and disturbances. They make everyone around them feel good and upbeat. A beautiful bouquet of orange tulips would be a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one.  

Purple Tulips:

The color purple has been associated with nobility and riches since at least the Middle Ages, when its production was prohibitively expensive. In modern times, many have come to associate this shade with class and sophistication. Someone who exudes grace and dignity can be honored with a bouquet of purple tulips.  

Bottom Line

There’s a tulip for every occasion or event, as they come in different colors. The beloved tulip is a versatile flower that can be given for every occasion, including amorous gestures, random acts of kindness, and expressions of thanks. As you know the meaning of different tulip colors now you select the ideal tulip for giving someone. Visit our online store, Flora2000, and book your order of flowers, gifts, or bouquets with us. If your loved one lives in a different country, like the Philippines, then you can also send flowers to Philippines with our help.

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