Flower Gifting In Brazil

“If love makes the world go round, flowers are the fuel of love. ” – Anonymous

Love is a complex emotion that words sometimes cannot do justice to. Thank God then, that flowers succeed where words so often fail. The world is a colorful, lovely place and Brazil is one of those destinations that is so lively and energetic, that it is definitely on everyone’s travel list. Brazilians are a passionate, vibrant people who aren’t prone to taking life seriously, and instead focus on celebrating all of life’s joys and simple pleasures. Evident from the huge celebrations of festivals, personal occasions, and Carnaval, flower gifting in Brazil play an important role in these celebrations.

Here to help you navigate the often tricky social customs around flowers and gifting, this guide will take a peek at all of the occasions and celebrations in Brazil, and help you make the right choices so that you are always on top of proceedings.

  1. The national flower of Brazil is the Corsage Orchid also known as Cattleya Labiata.
  2. It shares a deep and profound social and emotional connect with the Brazilian people and is a symbol of their pride, resilience, and beauty.

Popular Flowers And Their Meanings

Mixed Flowers Hand-tied Bouquet
Mixed Flowers Hand-tied Bouquet
  • Roses are the universal symbol of love, attachment, sensuality, and passion.
  • Lilies are considered sacred symbols of purity, rebirth and in some cases mourning, though they are also used in bouquets to lovers and family.
  • Gerberas are prized for their color and are representative of the cheerfulness and large hearts of the Brazilian people.
  • Daisies are flowers humility, understanding, and friendship.
  • Alstroemerias are flowers of kindness, warmth, and family.
  • Tulips are exotic and used in gifting on special occasions and as gifts to important people.
  • Orchids symbolize raw passion and sensuality.

Popular Flower Gifting Days In Brazil

Brazil is known for three things, beaches, great football and of course the Rio Carnaval. All these three are enduring symbols and the biggest draws of tourists to the country. That Brazil is a nation that really knows how to party, celebrate and let its hair down is evident from the block parties, that are witnessed almost every time a football match is a telecast. Religious sentiment and occasions are also celebrated with the same enthusiasm. Flowers play an important role in any and all celebrations. So let’s take a look at various occasions and the right flowers to be used, presented and bought for those in this section.

Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine Gift
Romantic Valentine Gift

Brazilians are amongst the most passionate people in the world. Their expressions of love through song, dance and flowers are almost mythic. Little wonder then that Valentine’s Day in the country is almost akin to a religious celebration. In fact, Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s Day in the month of June. They never skimp on flowers and it is almost considered blasphemy to NOT gift flowers to your special lady on Valentines. So let’s take a look at the best ways to express amor, with flowers. Think Roses, Carnations, and Gerberas and you will leave your ladylove just blushing, with joy.

  1. Think of reserving your bouquet or flower combo in advance. Prices tend to soar around Valentine’s Day and it would be embarrassing if you couldn’t procure your significant other flowers and a gift.
  2. Adding a Teddy, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate or Gourmet Hamper is a lovely thought.

 Women’s Day

Women's Day Pink Roses
Women’s Day Pink Roses

Women are an important part of the fabric of social, economic and family life and International Women’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of March is an important day for Brazilians. They have a unique way of celebrating the women that enrich their lives. Gifts, chocolates, and flowers are all important components of this day. When in Brazil you have got to weigh your relationship with the woman you’re thinking of presenting flowers too. While Red Roses and White Lilies are perfect for your significant other, think of Carnations with White or Pink Roses for your mum, sister of the female family member, multicolored floral arrangements are best for friends and colleagues.

  1. Always contemplate your relationship with the recipient, and the meaning of the flowers in an arrangement to avoid misinterpretation of your intentions and obvious embarrassment.


Elegant Easter Flowers
Elegant Easter Flowers

Brazil is predominantly a Christian country and Easter, which marks the end of the season of fasting, penance and abstinence are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. This day sees families coming together over great food, wine, and sweets. Flowers as always play a huge role in the celebrations and are used in both decors and as gifts. White Lilies and Carnations in their many hues are the flowers of choice for the feast.

  1. Always ensure that the flowers you choose are fresh cut as they tend to hold their shape and fragrance longer.
  2. A thoughtful Easter gift, especially with kids are Easter Eggs, or simply a Chocolate Cake and/or Chocolate/ Gourmet Hamper.

Mother’s Day

Lush Pink Roses & Lilies For Mom
Lush Pink Roses & Lilies For Mom

Brazilians have a very strong family orientation and the Madre (mother) is considered its emotional pillar. Brazilians children are very attached to their parents, irrespective of age, and Mother’s Day in May is celebrated with gifts, cards, sweets, treats, dinners, and flowers. Flowers for the most important woman in a child’s life have to be special, and very thoughtfully chosen. Therefore Roses (especially Pink, White and Red), Tulips (an exotic varietal) and Gerberas (the emotional equivalent of love, fun, and playfulness) are hugely popular and sought after.

  1. When choosing flowers for Mother’s Day, unblemished, Pink and White Roses make a thoughtful gift.
  2. A Wine / Chocolate Hamper is also a very popular gift on this occasion.


Classic Brazilian Christmas Centerpiece
Classic Brazilian Christmas Centerpiece

Devout Brazilians celebrate Christmas with equal part veneration and enthusiasm. Being a Christian country, Brazil’s Christmas celebrations have all the elements that make the festival so popular, all over the world. World class food, the coming together of family, the exchange of presents and flowers are all important components of the day. Flowers play an integral and vital role as they are both gifts as well as items of decor, in the form of centerpieces. In fact, Wreaths and Poinsettia Plants are considered Christmas staples. The floral arrangements in shades of Red and White are dominated by Roses and Lilies.

  1. Ensure that you add a Hamper, either a Gourmet Snack Hamper or a Gourmet Chocolate Hamper to your bouquet for a more well rounded, thoughtful gift.

How To Get Flowers Right For Different Occasions?

If there’s one thing about Brazilians you can take for granted, is that they know how to party. Even small personal celebrations often blow out of proportion and people partake in the fun, without any reservations. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations are all a part of the fabric of Brazilian life. Flowers are gifted at all these occasions and some basic rules need to be followed when purchasing and gifting flowers to your Brazilian friends, family and business contacts. Let’s take a closer look at these in this section.


Happy Birthday Sunset Bouquet
Happy Birthday Sunset Bouquet

Birthdays in Brazil almost certainly mandate a get-together. In fact, people go to great lengths to make the day special for the celebrant. If you’re ever invited to a birthday fiesta, here’s the lowdown on how to approach it, especially with flowers and gifts.

The flowers to go with: Always gift flowers based on your relationship with the celebrant. Red and Pink Roses for spouses and girlfriends. White Roses, Lilies, Daisies and Gerberas for family members and a multi-colored floral arrangement for friends, colleagues, and acquaintances is the way to go.

Combinations: Going on your proximity to the birthday boy/girl, and your relationship to him/her, look for more intimate presents like jewelry for spouses and partners, books, or gift certificates for friends, and perfumes or accessories for family members.

Birthday Greetings:  Simple and heartfelt, that’s what a birthday greeting ought to be: “Your birthday comes along once a year, but my wishes stay with you all year round, and this time I wish you nothing but the best of love, luck, fortune, and health. Happy Birthday.”

  1. A hand-tied floral arrangement is an artisanal take on the traditional bouquet.
  2. Always research the meaning of various flowers before including them in your arrangement, so as to avoid misunderstandings or embarrassment.


Extravagant Mixed Bouquet For Wedding
Extravagant Mixed Bouquet For Wedding

Weddings in Brazil are an emotional, family affair. Flowers here play a dual role, as items of decor as well as gifts. These, therefore, must be chosen with a lot of love, attention to detail and with the recipients’ tastes and preferences in mind. Here are a few tips on helping you get your flower selection for this occasion, just right.

Choosing congratulatory flowers: Think color, think Roses in all their hues, Daisies,  Lilies and Chrysanthemums, even Gerberas and Sunflowers are sought after and prized as wedding gifts and tokens of love and congratulation.

Combinations: Wedding registries are quite common in Brazil and you can inquire about where the couple has registered and pick one out for them, based on your relationship and budget.

Wedding Greetings: Heartfelt, sincere and stylish is the way to go. “You’re entering the most glorious journey that you will ever undertake, We wish that this phase of your life brings you overwhelming joy and helps you grow in love. Congratulations.”

  1. Flowers symbolizing love like Roses and Lilies are indispensable to a wedding bouquet.
  2. S-shaped arrangements or a high vertical arrangement is the way to go.


Elegant Funeral Arrangement
Elegant Funeral Arrangement

Solemn occasions and filled with heartfelt tributes and shows of support to the family of the deceased. Funerals are the perfect time to present flowers and show solidarity with the bereaved family, to console them for their loss.

Choosing flowers to offer condolence: White is the color of peace, rebirth, and purity. An all-white arrangement with White Roses, Lilies, White Daisies or Chrysanthemums makes for a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the deceased.

Condolence Message: A message of condolence should be written in a tone that reflects your grief and support for the bereaved family. Something to the effect of: “May God grant his/her soul eternal rest, and you the strength and acceptance to deal with your loss. Heartfelt condolences.”

  1. Wreaths and sprays are the preferred styles of the bouquet as they can be placed directly on the coffin or grave.
  2. While white flowers are the standard at a funeral. A loving tribute to the deceased would definitely be a bouquet or wreath of their favorite flowers.

Which Countries Does Brazil Import Flowers From?

Brazil boasts of a temperate, tropical climate that is ideal for the cultivation of a plethora of flowers. The demand for gifting flowers, however, can sometimes be overwhelming, to the nation’s horticulture industry. This has led to the development of the import market and these days, flower markets in Rio, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo and other major cities are home to Roses, Carnations and Gerberas from Europe and Asia, originating in countries as diverse as England, Italy, India, China, Japan, Korea, Germany and Spain. Even countries like Australia, Holland and South Africa are major markets for flower imports to Brazil.

Top Tips To Consider When Buying Flowers To Gift

Local flowers are best: Local flowers are used to the climate, have a certain significance to the populace and hold their shape and freshness longer.

Researching the meaning of flowers: In one culture the Lily may be considered a mourning flower, whereas, in another, the romantic aspect of the same flower may hold more importance. Depending on the culture, it is important to research the meanings of the flowers before considering gifting them, in order to avoid inadvertent disrespect or embarrassment.

Checking the overall state of the flowers: If and when possible always check the overall state of the flowers before incorporating them into your bouquet. Even the slightest of blemishes can aesthetically damage the appearance of the arrangement. Flowers with blemishes often spoil early and can be perceived as sloppy, or disrespectful.

Check the credentials of the florist/flower delivery service: Every online florist/flower delivery service is generally rated by previous users. Take the time to view the testimonials section, or visit online review sites like Yelp that will feature user reviews. Make an informed decision, in order to get the best possible quality.

How To Care For Flowers Received As Gifts?

  • Choose a clear vase in order to properly display flowers.
  • Add a good amount of water to the vase.
  • Cut the stems regularly to keep them fresher, longer.
  • Keep flowers in a cool, dry area, away from heat emitting appliances.
  • Change the water in the vase daily or whenever possible.
  • Follow the care instruction that comes with the bouquet.
  • Add a little sugar or lemon juice to the water in the vase, to reduce the acidity of the water and provide the cut flowers with some nutrition.


Brazil is a warm, wonderful paradise, inhabited by friendly, loving, passionate people. Celebrating life is an indelible part of the Brazilian DNA and expressing emotions with flowers is commonplace. Thanks to this guide, you too can get your floral arrangements, gifts, bouquets, and centerpieces right, fitting in just like a local.