Flower Gifting In Thailand

“Flowers make the world a warmer, friendlier and lovelier place.” – Anonymous

Imagine an occasion without flowers; would it even be a celebration of love, togetherness & happiness? Flowers help us express our deepest feelings that words cannot. No wonder they play such a huge role in celebrations all over the world. The beautiful Southeast Asian country of Thailand is no stranger to the charms of flowers. Gifting flowers in Thailand play an important role in life & celebrations there.

The Thai are a proud people who have centuries-old traditions and are deeply devout and welcoming. Flowers are used as both ritual offerings in religious ceremonies as well as gifts to express love and other emotions. Understanding the symbolism of flowers and which flowers to gift for which occasions are the key to being able to do so with aplomb. This guide will enable you to do just that.

  1. The national flower of Thailand is Ratchaphruek or Golden Shower Tree.
  2. It holds a very important place in the hearts of the Thai people and is one of the symbols associated with the country’s constitutional monarchy.

Popular Flowers And Their Meanings

Mix Colored Bouquet
Mix Colored Bouquet
  • Roses are one of the most prized flowers in Thailand and according to their color can symbolize love, passion, friendship and even romance.
  • Gerbera is symbols of fertility, peace, and joy.
  • Lilies are symbols of purity, respect, rebirth, and love.
  • Daisies are flowers humility and friendship.
  • Alstroemerias are flowers of kindness, warmth, and family.
  • Tulips are exotic and used in gifting on special occasions and as gifts to important people.
  • Orchids symbolize raw passion and sensuality.

Popular Flower Gifting Days In Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. It boasts of great weather all year round, a friendly and hospitable people and of course, celebrations that are legendary. The Thai love expressing their delight in colorful celebrations. These, of course, are incomplete without flowers, which are often times an integral part of rituals, ceremonies, and gifting. There exists an unwritten code, which governs the gifting of flowers according to the social mores and customs, prevalent during any particular festival or occasion. This part of the guide takes a closer look at this complex system and helps you navigate it with simple tips and tricks in order that you always make a good impression on your Thai hosts with the right floral offerings.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day Roses
Valentine Day Roses

In Thailand, love is expressed all around the year. But February 14th, being Valentine’s Day, it is one of those occasions that sees the normally reserved Thais, come out in force to celebrate their love and their partners. Young Thai couples exchange gifts and flowers, indulge in song and music and of course make undying declarations of love with flowers. Some of the most popular floral arrangements at this time of the year feature (yes you guessed it) Red Roses. Flower Combo, which includes Red Roses in different arrangements and accompanied by Teddies or other stuffed toys are extremely popular as well.

  1. Think of reserving your bouquet or flower combo in advance. Prices tend to soar around Valentine’s Day and it would be embarrassing if you couldn’t procure your significant other flowers and a gift.

 Women’s Day

Women's Day Flowers
Women’s Day Flowers

Women are the backbone of any country and their role in Thai life, culture and economy are undeniable. From teachers to doctors, from the army to the local government, women in Thailand are making great progress, socially and economically. Little wonder then that Women’s Day celebrated in March is assuming such importance. Flowers for the women in your life, on your mind? Well, the flowers simply depend on your relationship to the woman in question. As a rule of thumb, Red Roses are for romantic relationships. White and Pink Roses, for mothers and sisters. Lilies and Carnations make an excellent bouquet for work colleagues and female friends.

  1. Always contemplate your relationship with the recipient, and the meaning of the flowers in an arrangement to avoid misinterpretation of your intentions and obvious embarrassment.


Easter Flowers
Easter Flowers

Thailand is a secular country which celebrates the festivals of all faiths with equal enthusiasm and fervor. The Christian festival of Easter too is among those and is celebrated with devotion, faith, and solemnity. Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and as such is a time for family bonding. Flowers play an important role as centerpieces and items of gifting. The most important flower at these celebrations is the Lily. The White Lily, in particular, is gifted as it is a symbol of peace and rebirth. Team it up with Carnations to create the perfect Easter floral arrangement.

  1. Always ensure that the flowers you choose are fresh cut as they tend to hold their shape and fragrance longer.
  2. A thoughtful Easter gift, especially for kids are Easter Eggs, or simply a Chocolate Cake and/or Chocolate/ Gourmet Hamper.

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Bouquet
Mother’s Day Bouquet

Unlike most other parts of the world where Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, Thailand celebrates the feast in August. In the midst of a bountiful rainfall and flowers abounding, Thai families celebrate their matriarch with gifts, bouquets, special dinners and deep respect. Flowers are an extremely important part of the proceedings and play a dual role. One, of course, is as gifts, the deeper symbolic meaning is of the love and attachment that is shared between a mother and her children. Bouquets with Roses (White or Pink), Carnations and Gerberas are immensely popular, teaming them with a Cake and/or Fruit Basket makes it an even more thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

  1. When choosing flowers for Mother’s Day, unblemished, Pink and White Roses make a thoughtful gift.
  2. A Fruit Basket or a Chocolate Cake is also a very popular gift for this occasion.


Christmas Flower Arrangements
Christmas Flower Arrangements

Christmas is the time for celebration and togetherness. In Thailand, as with the rest of the world, it is a day when families and friends assemble and celebrate the day with great food, conversations, and bonding. Flowers play a major role in Christmas celebrations, as they are used in both gifting and decor. As centerpieces, they add a new dimension to the home. As gifts, they touch the hearts of the ones they receive and bring great joy. Roses in Red and other colors and Gerberas in all their various shades are highly prized during this most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Ensure that you add a Hamper, either a Gourmet Snack Hamper or a Gourmet Chocolate Hamper to your bouquet for a more well rounded, thoughtful gift.

How To Get Flowers Right For Different Occasions

The people of Thailand are a very sweet, hospitable bunch who believe in celebrating life’s little joys with as much as they do religious festivals and occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other days are celebrated with much joy and pomp.  Flowers as always play an important part in these celebrations and Thai culture and social mores need to be adhered to when gifting an individual or a couple a bouquet. This section deals with these nuances in order to keep you on the right when choosing and gifting flowers.


Chocolate Birthday Cake
Chocolate Birthday Cake

Birthdays in Thailand are marked by surprises and people going out of their way in order to make the day special for the one celebrating the day. Showing up empty-handed when invited to a Thai birthday is considered ride, and flowers make an excellent gift, when presented correctly, depending on your relationship with the celebrant.

The flowers to go with: Always gift flowers based on your relationship with the celebrant. Red and Pink Roses for spouses and girlfriends. White Roses, Lilies, Daisies and Gerberas for family members and a multi-colored floral arrangement for friends, colleagues, and acquaintances is the way to go.

Combinations: Thailand is a shopper’s paradise and one of the most thoughtful gifts that cut across lines of proximity and relationship is a gift voucher to a mall, retail store or shopping center.

Birthday Greetings:  Simple and heartfelt, that’s what a birthday greeting ought to be: “I wish nothing but the best for you. May this day and the year ahead bring you only happiness, success, and prosperity. Happy Birthday.”

  1. A hand-tied floral arrangement is an artisanal take on the traditional bouquet.
  2. Always research the meaning of various flowers before including them in your arrangement, so as to avoid misunderstandings or embarrassment.


Wedding Bouquet of Red And White Roses
Wedding Bouquet of Red And White Roses

Wedding in Thailand, like any Southeast Asian country, are traditional in their approach. They are an emotional and a social celebration and flowers are the currency of gifting, as they spell good wishes, fortune, and heartfelt joy. Here are a few tips on helping you get your flower selection for this occasion, just right.

Choosing congratulatory flowers: Think color, think Roses in all their hues. Lilies and Chrysanthemums are thought of as auspicious flowers. Sunflowers and Gerberas add a wonderful pop of color and must also be considered.

Combinations: Based on your relationship to the wedded couple, you could think of a gift as varied as jewelry, or household appliances. In a pinch, a gift certificate with your floral arrangement would also make a thoughtful gift.

Wedding Greetings: Heartfelt, sincere and stylish is the way to go. “We wish that your married life be like a cruise on a peaceful sea. May this day always marks a new beginning and a milestone of prosperity for you. Congratulations on your union.”

  1. Flowers symbolizing love like Roses and Lilies are indispensable to a wedding bouquet.
  2. S-shaped arrangements or a high vertical arrangement is the way to go.


Flower For Funeral
Flower For Funeral

Funerals are a very solemn occasion in Thailand. A time to mourn the departed and support their families. Flowers are tokens of condolence and empathy are extremely important to the Thai people. Here are a few things to keep in mind when presenting flowers at a funeral.

Choosing flowers to offer condolence: White is the color of peace, rebirth, and purity. An all-white arrangement with White Roses, Lilies, White Daisies or Chrysanthemums makes for a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the deceased.

Condolence Message: A message of condolence should be written in a tone that reflects your grief and support for the bereaved family. Something to the effect of: “We stand with you in your hour of loss. We pray that the Almighty accepts his/her soul with open arms, and gives you the strength to cope with your great loss. Heartfelt condolences.”

  1. Wreaths and sprays are the preferred styles of the bouquet as they can be placed directly on the coffin or grave.
  2. While white flowers are the standard at a funeral. A loving tribute to the deceased would definitely be a bouquet or wreath of their favorite flowers.

Which Countries Does Thailand Import Flowers From?

Thailand is big on celebrations and therefore its own horticultural business can often times not keep up with surging demand. This makes it a haven for imports and Thai flower markets are the destination for flowers from far off lands. Some of the countries that export flowers to Thailand include China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Cambodia in Asia. Similarly, South and East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Congo are also prime exporters to Thailand. EU countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, and France also supply Thai markets with the best of their wares.

Top Tips To Consider When Buying Flowers For Gifting

Local flowers are best: Local flowers are used to the climate, have a certain significance to the populace and hold their shape and freshness longer.

Researching the meaning of flowers: In one culture the Lily may be considered a mourning flower, whereas, in another, the romantic aspect of the same flower may hold more importance. Depending on the culture, it is important to research the meanings of the flowers before considering gifting them, in order to avoid inadvertent disrespect or embarrassment.

Checking the overall state of the flowers: If and when possible always check the overall state of the flowers before incorporating them into your bouquet. Even the slightest of blemishes can aesthetically damage the appearance of the arrangement. Flowers with blemishes often spoil early and can be perceived as sloppy, or disrespectful.

Check the credentials of the florist/flower delivery service: Every online florist/flower delivery service is generally rated by previous users. Take the time to view the testimonials section, or visit online review sites like Yelp that will feature user reviews. Make an informed decision, in order to get the best possible quality.

How To Care For Flowers Received As Gifts?

  • Choose a clear vase in order to properly display flowers
  • Add a good amount of water to the vase
  • Cut the stems regularly to keep them fresher, longer
  • Keep flowers in a cool, dry area, away from heat emitting appliances
  • Change the water in the vase daily or whenever possible
  • Follow the care instruction that comes with the bouquet
  • Add a little sugar or lemon juice to the water in the vase, to reduce the acidity of the water and provide the cut flowers with some nutrition.


Thailand is a culture replete with celebrations and deep symbolism. Flowers are an integral part of the Thai ethos and knowing how and what to present at the right occasion can be tricky, but with this guide at your disposal, it isn’t that much of a bother anymore. So the next time surprise your Thai friends, family or sweetheart with a floral treat, with aplomb. All the very best!