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A country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. Ecuador woke up about a decade ago to know its potential of growing and exporting flowers & now has captured a significant portion of the international market. The climate is conducive to growth & gifting of many species of flowers like Roses, Carnations, Lilies, Daisies, Orchids & flowering Plants.
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Thanks a lot Richard. I have recommended all my Relatives & Friends to use your Super Services with the Beautiful Floral Arrangements. Your prices are Great, plus you ship around the world. I was really happy to have found you. So, I have told not only people from the USA, but also China, Europe & Australia about FLORA2000.com, EXCELLENT COMPANY!!!
Jerry Rodrigues - United States - September 06, 2012
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The Ecuador Collection We at Flora2000 bring together elegant designs, guaranteed on time flower delivery, personal care, and the finest quality to offer you luxurious floral arrangements for those special occasions. Send flowers and make special occasions even more memorable for your loved ones by delighting them with enchanting ensembles. Rely on us to send flowers online across the country to Leeds by choosing something stunning from our lavish collection of bouquets and exquisite gifts.

How do i send International Flower Delivery to Ecuador?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Ecuador into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

Beautiful Bouquet of Roses for Mother’s Day – Make Her Happy

Equador is famous for its heritage, chocolates, coffee, flowers and food. Situated along the coast of South America, the country is well-known for its tourists. We all know that Mother’s Day is approaching and it will be here sooner than you realise. You can send flowers to Equador, if you are staying outside the country through any floral services.

Most of the flower delivery for Equador covers a greater part of South America as their business point. Also, you will be surprised to know that Equador is known for harvesting different types of flowers and they harvest over nine varieties of roses. These flowers are then exported to different parts of the world.

Mother’s Day is the time to acknowledge the love and to express your heartfelt emotions to your mother. This is the time where you can surprise her and totally take her breath away with wonderful gifts. Nevertheless, any types of gifts will be incomplete without flowers and what is more beautiful than roses. You can send flowers to Equador at any time of the day. This means you just need to schedule the timing for proper delivery.

Let us check how to select roses and what type of roses can be the best

Pearl drop – bouquet of white roses

Not only white roses look enigmatic, but also, they are symbol of peace and purity. You can never go wrong with white roses. This depicts the purest form of love and nothing can be pure than the love of a mother.

These roses are grown in the highlands of this country where the soil holds more moisture. Most of these white roses are grown by hand in small batches. Hence, these may burn a hole in your pocket, but the smile on the face of your mother will be worth it.

Now, if you want a bouquet of white roses, you need to be specific about the size. There are different sizes available from different florists. You can go for one big bouquet and one small bouquet if you want to cut down the cost. For reference you can ask Equador florists to send you few pictures along with the price. You can either select from the menu or even customize.

Pink Delight – Bouquet of Pink Roses

We have been gifting pink roses to our loved ones on various occasions. Pink roses denote thankfulness, care and appreciation. Hence, pink roses are the hottest selling roses on Mother’s Day. If you plan to gift your mother a bouquet of pink roses, it is recommended to book the floral services in Equador in advance.

This will help you in proper planning for arranging the other gifts in sync with the roses. History says that Abraham Lincoln said “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my Mother”. Hence, this is an ideal time to express your gratitude to her selfless love and service towards you.

Red Smoothness – Bouquet of Red Roses

This is the most common type of roses. Red denotes deep and profound love. This will be ideal in giving her a huge bouquet of red roses along with other small bouquets. Since red is also a glamorous colour any type of gift will go well with these roses.
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