Innocence – Children’s Day

Children's Day

What fun it is to be a child; seemingly endless days playing and enjoying. While some of my friends played tea party, I always played florist. Yes, even as a child, I knew this is where I belonged. You could often find me outside gathering flowers – most often daisies and dandelions from the fields. Occasionally the neighbors prized roses or zinnias (don’t tell my mom!).

Daisies would lead to a game of “he loves me – he loves me not”. I’d pluck petals until I found the bloom that ended just the way I wanted.

Sweet peas with their long trailing stems would wind together to create a fluffy pink halo.

Dandelions became sunshine bouquets to share with everyone.

Today, I still gather daisies and sweet peas. You are never too old to be a child.

Children’s Day is around the corner. Bring out your inner child and enjoy flowers and nature itself.

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