All hands on deck

As the big V approaches and customers flock us for delivering their orders, all 60+ members of Team Flora2000 attend customer service stations to ensure round the clock staffing and service. Its a great experience for all of us attending the frontlines, touching customers and being close to their expectations and issues. Many of us, especially in senior management, look forward to this week because its a great learning experience for us.

We at Flora2000 place the highest emphasis on customer stasifaction, and no better opportunity for us to prove how passionate we are about customer satisfaction than this week. We have carefully planned out every step from product placement to order delivery and customer service to ensure that everyone who places their faith in us to deliver their feelings is glowing with happiness.

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Hi, I'm the founder & CEO of As you have probably gathered by now, I love flowers. This love affair began in the early nineties when I had the opportunity to visit the Floriade in Holland, where the landscape had been transformed into a beautiful garden of gorgeous flowers. I was also looking for a new career and I thought what better career than one which is so emotionally fulfilling and beautiful. I started my floral career as an importer of seed material and an exporter of flowers, but it was floral gifting that was my true love. So when the Internet came along in 2000 I set-up, allowing people to gift flowers conveniently through the Internet. Shortly after, I started getting requests for the overseas delivery of flowers to friends, family and co-workers. Country by country, using my floral industry contacts, I identified the leading florists in each country and set-up a network that today allows our customers to send high quality flowers in over 150 countries. Ofcourse, Flora2000 goes far beyond my own effort. I have been blessed with a skilled and dedicated team; and excellent florist partners worldwide. I hope through this blog you will learn more about all of us and give us feedback that keeps us improving. Thank You.
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