Should Your Wedding Use Fall Florals?

There are no hard and fast rules for maintaining seasonal floral etiquette. What was popular in the summer may work just as well in early autumn. If your wedding event has you wondering whether a summer or autumn flavor is best, consider the following to keep things authentic:

Location – An autumn wedding will look drastically different in Minnesota than it would in sunny Sacramento. Get a feel for your surroundings and pick pieces that compliment the natural environment, while celebrating both the passing of a season and a new phase of life. Consider giving your “Big Day” a local flare with unique accents that were grown in the same area as your big event. Check with your master florist for special homegrown touches they can add to your arrangement!

Availability – Some flowers will simply be more plentiful than others. By sticking with the most seasonal of floral arrangements, you can guarantee they will be easy to get and can be customized to your liking (Roses for instance, are celebrated year-round, but come in fabulous fall hues – like peach!). And with greenhouses offering certain fall favorites at most any time of year, it may be easier to have your favorite seasonal flowers even after the season has passed.

Cost – Whoever stated that “Money is no object” obviously never paid for their own wedding! For brides on a budget, seasonal offerings just make good sense. While generally more affordable than their off-season counterparts, they will never show their savings and can give a million-dollar appearance to any lower-priced celebration.

Can you wear white after Labor Day? I wouldn’t recommend it. Can you use white lilies after fall has begun? Sure you can – just opt for a mixed arrangement that contains a variety of fall colors, as well.

While all flowers (even the ones in spring) are a brilliant offering of appreciation, the lively textures, colors, and detail of a perfectly-pieced fall floral arrangement is a treasure that can be remembered for many seasons. Celebrate the beauty of your special day with a fall floral theme that contains bold butterscotch, orange and bronze blossoms (or pick an arrangement contained in a rustic container, like the $57.99 Harvest Basket). There are so many autumn designs to choose from, and each is sure to give an authentic feel to your wedding.

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