Flowers for Men

Flowers for Men

Here’s a tip for all of my female readers. It’s OK to send flowers to men! Yes, times have changed. Even the “Macho Man” can be seen going to the spa for a massage or found in the chair next to you at the salon getting a manicure. During the last ten years we florists have witnessed more and more flowers being sent to men for Valentine’s Day. And guess what? Men love receiving a gift of flowers. Just make sure to pick a design that isn’t too feminine. I suggest low, contemporary arrangements that will fit easily on a desk.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what better way to get your man’s attention? Send him flowers early in the week and you can count on getting flowers on Valentine’s Day.

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5 Responses to Flowers for Men

  1. dima kittaneh says:

    Ten years ago—maybe even only five years ago—sending flowers to a man was relatively unheard of. After all, what macho man wants to admit he likes to take time to smell the roses.

  2. dima kittaneh says:

    for every man, there is a flower! (Ok, for some men, it may still have to be a plant.) However, just like a guy will hide the fact that he occasionally watches “Desperate Housewives,” he may also probably have trouble being upfront as to what kinds of flowers he likes.

  3. Casendra says:

    My Italian bf is macho and he did not deny he loves the flower I send (well, just a single rose of course). All and all, its the matter of feeling in one’s heart, and it shouldnt be ashame of admitting it. Life is so short, why care so much of how other’s look at you?

  4. Aimata says:

    I don’t know about sending flowers to men. I so love them, it nearly breaks my heart to think that they might not like it enough… I guess I might be a bit old fashioned or may be it’s just that I want to keep them all for myself. Yeah, probably the last one 🙂
    After all, you wouldn’t give away your manicure to your man, would you?

  5. Lily says:

    …it just feels so right sending flowersto my husband by way of expressing love and appreciation for everything he does to me…

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