Flora2000 Fan Page now on Facebook

Flora2000 Fan page

Join us on Facebook for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into building our floral collections, our parties, events and gossip from the floral industry. Our Facebook fan page features behind-the-scenes photos from our recent USA and India collection photo-shoots and we’ll be updating this weekly with juicy content that you’ll love.

Visit Facebook.com/Flora2000 and become a Fan. Invite all your colleagues and friends who’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

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About Flora2000

Flora2000 is the World’s premier international floral gifting brand. We feature a beautifully illustrated avant-garde collection of exquisite arrangements, especially suited for creating unforgettable moments for the special people. For over a decade, Flora2000 has transformed fine flowers into artistic expressions of mesmerizing beauty. Elegant design, personal care and the finest quality come together to offer you stunning floral arrangements for those special occasions. With a distinguished nationwide presence in the US, India & UK, we also deliver in over 190 countries. Our mission is to make floral gifting a personal, convenient and an exclusive experience.
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