The David Beahm Signature Collection

2010 marks the collaboration of Flora2000 and David Beahm. David, with his passionate approach and a stellar portfolio, brings his unique vision and a cool and arty edge to the Flora2000 designs you know and love.

All of David’s creations are a testament to his genius; the way he utilizes rare and unusual flowers is extraordinary. Amnesia and Black Beauty roses, Schwartzwalder calla lilies, Magic Vanda and Mokara orchids to name a few. His floral arrangements are not merely pretty bouquets, but expressive compositions which mean something and have a lot of thought behind them.

An artist who has chosen to work with flowers does not have a great variety of materials to choose from, yet David rises magnificently to the challenge of expressing his vision through floral arrangements.

This particular collection is marked by David’s use of unconventional holders; containers of all shapes, sizes and forms, from cut crystal scotch glasses to reclaimed rubber tires are used to showcase these exquisite flowers. Crystal ice buckets, gold plated dairy creamers, champagne flutes and tea sets, poly-stone and terracotta containers and balls of supple twig; these holders will stay with you long after the flowers as a keepsake.

Each item in this collection is named after an important person in David’s life; grandparents, friends, colleagues and people he has encountered in his travels who inspired him.

View and experience the collection here.

David Beahm Signature Collection - Alison

Alison – Blue Magic Vanda orchids floating in a wood and glass vase.

David Beahm Signature Collection - Eva

Eva – Waterford classic Lismore pattern vase overflowing with exotic and rare roses.

David Beahm Signature Collection - George

George – Marc Blackwell champagne flutes topped with red angel and pink intuition roses.

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