A Theme for your Big Day

Of all of life’s rites of passage, getting married is the most public. The effort and expenses involved in one’s wedding day feed a billion dollar industry. But it’s all worth it. After all, you get married only once (hopefully) and you want everything to be perfect.

There is a reason why they call it “your big day,” and it’s not because you get to order everyone around. It’s because your wedding day should showcase who you are and this requires some serious strategizing. The two of you must put your heads together, harness all your creative energy and select a venue, menu, flowers and invitations— in short a theme—that reflects your personalities.

Theme weddings became popular not only because marrying couples want their wedding day to be memorable, but also because choosing a theme is like choosing a direction. There are a million things to plan, buy and arrange. Moreover, there are so many options, shades and sizes that making the right selection can be mind-boggling task.

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding celebration because they symbolize the beginning of new life. Choosing the right floral theme is very important.

Flora2000 recently decorated a beautiful pink-and-white themed wedding reception. The pink-purple orchid curtains, embellished orbs and magnificent vases of snow white and purple carnations glowed beautifully in the candlelight. Theme weddings, hitherto a very Western concept, have made their way to the opulent orient, and added another dimension to the colorful wedding ceremonies of the East.

Flora2000 Theme WeddingsTheme Weddings from Flora2000

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