Inspired by the Sea God’s Treasures of the Deep

The Real Voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having NEW EYES

We founded Flora2000 a decade ago with an inspiration to expand the definition of beauty. In 2009 celebrated floral artist David Beahm came aboard, adding to Flora2000’s bower. Our Summer 2010 Luxury Collection is a combination of modern styling and fine craftsmanship, draws on disparate sources for inspiration to create something truly spectacular for our patrons.

Have you ever been far out at sea at nighttime? There are mysterious lights that shimmer brightly from the ocean’s depth to the water’s surface. The sailors of old believed them to be the Sea God’s jewels, safely hidden beneath the waves and used to control tides. The inspiration for Jewel Trove, a trio of cube arrangements in fuchsia, ruby and ivory, comes from these ancient tales of the Sea God’s tide jewels.

The allure of the Sea God is echoed in the blazing hues of carnations symbolizing the timeless bond between sailor and sea. Sourced from specialist growers, who ensure that each bloom is grown and nurtured carefully from a superior pedigree of seeds, these carnations are not only bigger and brighter, but also vibrant for longer periods.

Clasping the carnations in a glittering embrace, the eternal jewels of time and tide anchor the carnations, waiting for you to discover their secret. The floating crystals irresistibly bring to mind the magical luminescence of the ocean. Each carnation hovers above a jewel, creating a colorful mist over the water. The sparkling faceted crystals sway on delicate ribbons creating small ripples – a glittering tribute to the midnight ocean.

Jewel Trove is a true floral delight. Imagine presenting these Jewel Boxes to a loved one and telling them the Sea God’s secrets: your story will cast a spell worthy of the tide jewels.

Inspired by the Sea God's Treasures of the Deep

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