Sugar and Spice

Let alone nice… it’s breathtakingly gorgeous!

At Flora2000, we take floral style very seriously. And it is our credo to keep you, our valued readers, updated with the absolute latest in floral fashion. The most recent addition to our style guide includes bits of Indian spice in floral arrangements. The resultant sweet-spicy aroma will very nearly take your breath away!

In ‘Home’, we have used two fragrant cinnamon sticks to complement the bright yellow chrysanthemums and Asiatic lilies. Adorned with Anne Black orchids, this arrangement represents the unmatched comfort of lying down snugly in front of a fireplace at the home you grew up in. Close your eyes and inhale the spicy aroma to get immersed in the sweetest dreams.


‘Cinammon Tree’ holds the allure of pleasant remembrances. Stately orchids, carnations and lisianthus hover delicately over a makeshift container made of cinnamon sticks. The distinct fragrance of woodsy cinnamon and the saccharine one of the pristine blooms is guaranteed to inspire old-school nostalgia.


An interesting page from history cites that Indian spices were such sought-after commodities that their trade with Europe led to its Age of Discovery. You, too, may use a variety of Indian spices, including red chilly peppers, cloves, cardamom and more, to reveal your passion for floral embellishment. Try it – this creative and enjoyable leisure activity can be highly addictive!

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