Paperwhite Fragrance

Do you miss the scent of pine when you take out all the holiday decorations?  I do!  The house seems so empty and the fabulous holiday fragrance is gone.  Paperwhites are the best floral “quick fix”.  A single plant can perfume an entire room – maybe even the house.  Stop by your Flora2000 florist and ask for a bit of floral perfume in a living paperwhite plant


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Flora2000 is the World’s premier international floral gifting brand. We feature a beautifully illustrated avant-garde collection of exquisite arrangements, especially suited for creating unforgettable moments for the special people. For over a decade, Flora2000 has transformed fine flowers into artistic expressions of mesmerizing beauty. Elegant design, personal care and the finest quality come together to offer you stunning floral arrangements for those special occasions. With a distinguished nationwide presence in the US, India & UK, we also deliver in over 190 countries. Our mission is to make floral gifting a personal, convenient and an exclusive experience.
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3 Responses to Paperwhite Fragrance

  1. Valerie Leishman says:

    Hey there,
    What a beautiful floral arrangement. I’m sure that would perfume a room quite nicely.
    Can you get this arrangement in Canada also?

    Valerie Leishman
    High River, Alberta

  2. nancie loppnow says:

    How do I order something? I see no way of doing that?

  3. jenny rose says:

    it looks impressive, it has simple but have the quality to make place elegant.

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