There’s no doubt about it, technology is forever evolving and every season online retailing seems to develop a new flavor. In the year gone by, Social Gifting was the buzz word in e-commerce and consumers on social media sites individually, or in groups, purchased gifts (e-gifts) for their friends and family.

E-GiftingAs the upcoming star of e-commerce industry, Facebook allowed users to send paid-for, discounted or free gift cards to friends via applications from gifting companies. Social applications allowed Facebook users to buy gift cards that could be stored on handheld devices. Such apps are essentially an amalgamation of the most contemporary trends, i.e. social networking, online gifting and mobile shopping.

A major benefit associated with social gifting is that when e-gift recipients log onto the site or walk into a store to reclaim their gift, they are highly likely to purchase something more. Retailers are also realizing that social gifting gives them the chance to engage targeted shoppers by paying peanuts as compared to conventional advertising methods.

Consumers have grown used to spectacular discounting throughout the entire holiday season, year after year. Another trend that reached all-time highs this year was the ‘self-gifting’ trend.

 Self Gifting

The holidays drive people into shopping malls. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the peak shopping season. As more shoppers eagerly anticipate holiday-season deals, they have more reason to delay purchases for themselves that they would have otherwise made earlier in the fall, or perhaps even summer. It’s a well-known fact that browsing leads to buying, and the more time shoppers spend in a store, the more money they end up spending. Holiday shopping is physically and emotionally stressful and takes its toll on shoppers hence shoppers make impulse and self-reward purchases when they’re holiday shopping.

Cashing in on the trend retailers bulk up inventories and add tempting special products. The malls are decked with gifts and accessories, party clothes, decorations, and electronics.

Holiday shoppers are always looking to find high quality gifts that can be given to both family and friends. Gift baskets and hampers seem to have been the preferred choice of both women and men this year. These hampers and baskets which are crafted specially keeping the holiday season in mind usually have a little something for everyone in the family, from-gourmet cheese and crackers to delectable chocolate and mints. They also have something special for the wine connoisseur of the family and offer a selection of fine wines.

Gourmet Hampers from Flora2000

Whether you began your holiday shopping post summer holidays or waited until the last minute, whether you enjoyed the festive fun of shopping in a crowded store or the solitude of shopping online, this year’s gifting trends weren’t about spending a lot of money. Instead, being clever and creative with gift selection for your loved ones was the norm that most consumers followed.

If you are still looking to buy gifts for your loved ones then take advantage of this year’s gifting trends and you’ll end up with thoughtful and practical gifts that are much appreciated by your family and friends.


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