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Floral arrangements are the best way to make your home beautiful and attractive, and decorating your home by your self is the best way to save money as well as showcase your creativity. Putting simple yet appealing decorative accessories in your home can make all the difference.

Simple and clear vases are easily available everywhere and with the help of some creativity you can make a simple vase, eye catching and attractive. Here are 6 simple steps that can help you turn a simple glass vase into a special decorative accessory for your home.

Materials Required:




Gift Wrapping Paper

Simple Glass Vase

Aluminum Wire

Vase Decor - Materials Required

 1. First, take the gift wrapping paper and wrap it around the vase. Make sure that you cover the entire vase with the wrapping paper.

Vase Decor - Wrapping Gift Paper around Vase

2. After wrapping the paper on the vase, take the ribbon and tie it around the vase.

Vase Decor - Tie Ribbon around the Vase

3. Once you are done tying up the ribbon around the wrapping paper and the vase, you can cut it neatly with the scissors so that they are no ends that are left sticking out.

Vase Decor - Cut Extra Ribbon

4. Next, take an aluminum wire and insert a pearl in it. Once the pearl is inserted, twist the wire to lock the pearl within it. Then take around 50 cm of white ribbon, take the other end of the wire and insert it in and out of the ribbon to make it look like a frill.

Vase Decor - Embed Pearl and Make Frill from Ribbon

5. Twist the frilled wire around the pearl to make it look like a flower.

Vase Decor - Make a Flower from the Frill

6. Then attach the flower to the ribbon tied to the vase, as shown in the picture.

Vase Decor - Attach Flower to Ribbon and Vase

Your gorgeous new vase is now ready. You can put in some fresh blooms in it and place it anywhere at home.

Vase Decor - Final Flower Vase

Look for an empty corner that needs a little extra something and put your newly crafted decorative accessory there for everyone to see.

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