Special Ways To Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

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Grandparents appreciate every minute that their near and dear ones spend with them. Here are some suggestions that might help you make this Grandparents’ Day extremely memorable for them. What’s important is that you remember them, not just on this special day dedicated to them, but all year round.

 Grandparents Day

1)   Cook or bake a favorite dish of your grandparents. The fun in the adventure of a creating and serving them a family recipe will make it extremely special for them, as well as for you. You can also make a small video clip of yourself cooking, which you can turn into a documentary showcasing your family’s culinary traditions. You can play it for your grandparents while they savor the meal you’ve prepared.

2)   Ask your grandparents to bring out their trove chest and share stories and incidents related to the family heirlooms. Grandparents particularly enjoy reminiscing about the time when they would have acquired a particular heirloom or written a letter to one another.  Such an activity can provide structure and framework for bonding and is a wonderful way to get to know your family history a little better.

3)   Planting a tree or helping them plant some new vegetables in the garden is a fun way to make this day memorable. You can click pictures next to the newly planted sapling or vegetables and then view the growth with each passing year. You can also make personalized garden signs to identify the tree, or put stepping stones besides it with the help of your grandparents.

4)    Make special memories by taking your grandparents to a place of their choice. You can visit a museum, see a play, attend an exhibition, take a tour of the city by bus or just see a movie. Let them pick a venue! You can conclude the day with a trip to their favorite restaurant. Include a cousin or sibling if you like, but keep the group small so that there is ample time for you to bond with them.

5)   You can also send across delectable gifts such as chocolates, cakes and various other goodies or rejuvenating Spa hampers and personal care hampers that your grandparents would really enjoy and find enticing.

 However you decide to celebrate Grandparents’ Day, make your tradition a yearly ritual. 8th September is Grandparents’ Day.

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