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This Halloween while the traditional trick-or-treating, jack-o-lantern carving and apple bobbing go on, add a whiff of fresh air to the Halloween merriment with spirited arrangements. Pretty and festive fall flower arrangements can be a great addition to your Halloween decoration. Mix fall flowers with pumpkins and gourds as creative centerpieces and vases. Here are few helpful ideas that can help make your Halloween party even more spook-tacular!


Extend a colorful welcome to your guests with pumpkin-basket floral arrangements. They are as easy to make as jack-o’-lanterns, and the pumpkin’s rich color is a natural foil for a bunch of seasonal market flowers or the last gleanings from your garden.  A fall favorite, chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. For a funky seasonal decoration, attach a variety of orange-hued flowers to your pumpkins. Miniature pumpkins make for fun and easy Halloween flower displays. Paint them in an assortment of funky colors and add monster faces. Use different sizes of pumpkins to add dimension.

Gourds are a wonderfully versatile Halloween decoration. Select gourds that can stand on their own. You can hollow out a gourd and place a vase inside; fill with a variety of gorgeous fall flowers such as dahlias, roses, and bittersweet.

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You can also make a creepy-crawly dinner table display with a bouquet of roses, faux black feathers (found at your local crafts store), and mock spiders. Place your vase on a plate and sprinkle with the eight-legged creatures to make sure they’re haunting your display.

A spry combination of fall flowers makes a great addition to your Halloween decor. Buy an oversize orange pot and paint a jack-o’-lantern face with black paint. Fill with a variety of petunias, nemesia, and calibrachoa.

Another great decoration featuring flowers can be simple candy- corn door decorations made out of plastic foam and felt. You can fill them with dried natural flowers, such as millet, grasses, berries, and dried Japanese lanterns. Artificial birds on black spray-painted twigs can give the arrangement an eerie look.

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