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Proposing for marriage is an event which is remembered and cherished life long. It comes in the list of the most important events of one’s life. You get ready to propose to someone when you find that person to be perfect for you, when you love that person from all your heart and when you think that person is your other half and you are incomplete without them.

Wedding Proposal

Everyone desires that their proposal should to be special and extremely memorable, and that when they share their way of proposing with their children and grandchildren later in life, the only reaction is, “Wow!”. So if you are preparing to propose to your soul mate, then here are few unique and impactful ways in which you can do so.

Get her/him that Puppy: So your special someone has been hinting at getting that puppy you both fell in love with at the animal shelter. Taking care of an animal together is a big commitment, and you want to show them you’re ready for one. Then show them you’re ready for an even bigger commitment by tying a ring onto the pup’s collar.
Spell it out in Scrabble or Act it out with Charades: You may have to cheat a bit to get the board to read exactly the way you want it, but it’s a given that they’ll forgive you if the message they are left with is “Will You Marry Me?.”

Flower Petal Trail: Make a trail of flowers or flower petals to greet your beloved when she/he gets home. For a twist on this standard, switch out the red roses for whatever their favorite type of flower is (for extra effect, line with candles.)

In an Ancestral Place: Finding a spot that’s ancestral to him/her is a ticket to harnessing that primal energy that we all feel. Getting proposed to in the same place their great-grandparents got married a hundred years ago will have the weight of tradition behind it. This makes it all the more special (especially if they got married somewhere exotic!)

In a Hollowed-Out Book: Figure out what book they are reading now or what their favorite book is. Buy an exact copy of the edition she/he has, and hollow out the inside of it. Put the ring inside the hollow, and close the book and let them find it (While you’re there, of course). Think of creative framing for it, too. You could make the book’s title their name and a page before the hollow “Next Chapter!”


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