The Ultimate Friendship Day Gift Guide: A Color For Every Friend

Friendship, they say is one of the most precious gifts to mankind. Friends add life and color to our mundane existence. This Friendship Day, these very people certainly deserve to be surprised! We’ve made a list of different kind of floral arrangements that’ll suit different kind of friends.

Yellow Flowers For The Fun and Funny Friend


There is an air of positivity around these people. They’re never run down by the challenges that life throws at them. They are the first people you go to when you’re facing a crisis. You know that they’ll turn your gloomiest day into a sunny one. So rightfully, your sunny friend deserves a yellow floral arrangement. Yellow stands for sunshine and hope.

Pink Flowers For The Mum or Mother Figure


We all need that one friend we can rest our shoulder and cry on. The one that plays second to no one but mum itself. He or she has an aura of warmth and motherly love. He/She will correct you when you’re wrong and will encourage you when you need it. Pink is a color that stands for attachment, affection and tenderness. A pink bouquet is exactly what will serve as the perfect gift for this friend.

Orange Flowers For The Inspiring Friend

When you’re low on inspiration and energy, this is the friend you look up to. They’re up and out there, facing the challenges of life like a pro. Even the briefest moment spent with them is enough to get you up and going. They’re the kinds that instil a fire in you and inspire you to do something other than the ordinary. Orange is a passionate hue that symbolizes energy and fire.

Red Flowers For The Friend You Love


One of the best things to happen to you is you falling in love with your best friend. This is the kind of friend you simply love, despite their flaws and he/she loves you back. They’re simply the one for you. Red stands for love, passion and joy. It’s the most apt color for a floral surprise for the friend you love.

Purple Flowers For The Star Of A Friend


If you have a friend like this, then it’s farewell time for all of your life’s problems. They are the talk of the town, well connected and funny and the kind that own the dinner table. These friends are your veto cards, the kind that’ll bail you out of life’s most difficult or awkward situation. Purple is a color that stands for royalty and for the power these friends’ posses. So gift them a royal floral arrangement.

Now that you have identified your friends with these colors, don’t shy away from making it a special Friendship Day for each one of them. In the age of online flower delivery services you can select the flowers online. No matter where in the world they are, you can make use of online flower delivery services to have the flowers of your choice shipped across countries. We sincerely hope you and your friends have a splendid Friendship Day.


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