Exploring Hawaii’s Floral Treasure

Hawaii is home to one of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna. Hand-woven flower garlands are often put on tourists and other guests and women adorn their hair with fresh plumerias in this paradise-like land. Hawaii’s abundance in flowers makes it one of the most unique floral paradises in the world. We’ve explored and handpicked Hawaii’s alluring flora so that you can view them without having to visit it.

Ma’o hau hele

Maʻo hau hele
The Ma’o hau hele that is also known as the Hibiscus brackenridgei, is Hawaii’s State flower. The tree that houses this beautiful flower can grow up to 10 meters tall. This flower is native to dry forest and shrub lands and grows at elevations from 400 to 2600 feet. It is found on all significant Hawaiian islands, except Ni’ihau and Kaho’olawe. Much to the dismay of flower lovers, this flower is listed as an endangered species.

Koki’o ke’oke’o

hibiscusThe Hawaiian, name for the Hibiscus flower is quite queer. This flower has its origins in Hawaii itself. With large white and wonderfully fragrant blossoms, it grows in mesic forests at low elevations (below 3,000 feet elevation). This species grows only on the island of O’ahu.


GAlso known as Gardenia, the tree that holds this beautiful flower can grow up to 15 feet.
This too is an endangered species that is found in dry forests at elevations from 1100 to 1700 feet.

Hawaiian Gardenia 01Tiaré is a sub species of this flower plant.


Another name for this gorgeous flower is the Hibiscus kokio. This is a subspecies and usually grows as a shrub or a small tree growing up to 3 to 7 meters in height.

Hibiscus kokio subsp. saintjohnianus
This flower is native to the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. The juice of the leaves and buds of this flower plant are used to treat constipation.


Melia is also known as Plumeria. Although this flower is native to tropical America, it grows abundantly in the Hawaiian islands.

Ko’oloa ‘ula

Koʻoloa ʻulaAlso known as Abutilon menziesii, the Ko’oloa ‘ula is native to Hawaii and is an endangered species.

Koali ‘awa

moonAlso known as Ipomoea or Hawaiian moon flower. This flower is native to pacific islands, and is found in abundance in the Hawaiian Islands.


Also known as Boehavia repens, this sprawling herb is common along dry coasts and leeward slopes.

If you think we’ve missed out on the floral treasure of Hawaii, do mention it in the comment box below.


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