5 V-Day Ideas To Help You Plan In Advance

Year and after year, you send yourself into a blind panic on Valentine’s eve. How about doing something different this year? We got our thinking caps on early this Valentine’s Day and have jotted down 5 awesome ideas for you to surprise your Valentine.

1. Surprise Vacation

cozy outdoors‘Plan in advance’ is the key to execute this idea. Book a weekend getaway not too far away from home, but beautiful enough to leave her mesmerized. You can give her a surprise by packing her bags and picking her up from office. Gift her a bunch of flowers and hide the tickets to your vacation in it. She will love it!

2.Give Her A Bouquet That Suits Her Personality


If nothing, a floral surprise always works. Gift her an arrangement that will suit her personality. She will appreciate the effort you in put in, in choosing the flowers. Valentine’s Day flower delivery services are spread all across the globe.

3.Balloon Boom


Insert a surprise (ring, love note, concert tickets) inside a balloon, add some confetti in it and blow it up. Let her pop it to get the surprise.

4. Pop Up A Proposal

proposalWhat better day than Valentine’s day to put a ring on her finger? Ask her the question she’s been eagerly waiting to hear this Valentine’s. You can hide the ring in a bunch of fresh flowers or in a box of chocolates of her choice.

5.Treasure Hunt

flowersIf she’s the kind who loves adventures, then she’ll love this surprise. Give her clues that’ll lead her to the gift that she has been waiting to get. The adrenaline rush to get to the gift will keep her excited all throughout. And she’ll only be more happy when she finally gets the gift.

Don’t stop at our ideas, let your imagination go wild this Valentine’s Day. You still have more than a month to plan a fantasticValentine’s Day surprise. We hope you have a memorable Valentine’s Day!


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