What To Gift A Man On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gifting can be stressful. Choosing gifts for women is tedious because men are spoilt for choice. Choosing gifts for men is tedious, cause it seems like there aren’t enough options. Women are often faced with the dilemma of wanting to gift something meaningful but are often lost in zeroing down on the perfect gift.

We interviewed a few men and unlocked the eternal question of what to gift a man on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the spoils:

Time Time And More Time

Most men just wanted their better halves to spend the entire day with them. Material gifts don’t really matter.

man womanThis the best gift that you can surprise your love with. For a change, let Valentine’s Day be about him and not you. Give him company doing the things he likes doing.

Team Jersey

The simplest things can make a man happy. Know his favorite team?

gift2Get him a jersey! He’ll love you even more, for taking the effort to get him a meaningful gift. It’s the little things that matter.

Video Games

Most men love video games. A few days before V-Day discreetly observe his choice in video games.

Woman beating her fiance while playing video gamesFind out the genre he loves the most, do a little search online and gift him a video game you think he’d love. To make it an even greater surprise, spend some quality time playing the new game with him.


You know his favorite genre and there must be this particular hard-to-find book that he has been looking for a while.

vintageGo the extra mile and get him that special edition, hardbound collector’s item. He will love you more than ever.

Your First Drink Together

Remember the first drink that you two got drunk to? Buy him exactly that bottle of alcohol. He will love to reminisce those precious memories.

wineTo make the affair a tad more romantic, set up a table with his favorite meal, and adorn it with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers you can book through online flower delivery.

 Poster Of His Favorite Film/Inspirational Person

Buy him a vintage poster of favorite film or a significant personality he looks up to and frame it.

superHe will love a surprise such as this.


No man can say no chocolates (well almost no man).

dakrMake sure you know whether he likes dark chocolates or white chocolates and gift him the finest box of chocolates that you can get your hands on. Watch his heart slowly melt at the sight of all that delicious chocolate.

Bake A Cake

The effort you take into baking a cake will melt his heart.

loveIf you aren’t too sure of your baking skills, buy him one by booking online (just to play it safe).

Write Him A Love Letter

Men may pretend like they aren’t really the mushy kinds, but they love the attention you give them. Write him a heart-felt love letter that expresses how much he means to you.

post flowersIf you are in a long distance relationship, you can make this even more romantic by sending him the love letter by post and also booking flowers through international flower delivery services.

If you think you have more ideas to make Valentine’s Day right for men, mention them in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you. We hope you make it a special one for your special man.


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