5 Types Of Flowers And What They Say About Your Relationship

Whatever be the occasion, flowers as gifts always work like a charm. Every flower type expresses a different feeling and a different emotion, did you know?

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic choice for every generation’s romance. They convey the promise of a commitment that looks forward to a “happily after” love story. If you are serious about your lady love, and you positively feel that she is the one, then gift her red roses. If you aren’t too sure then you should probably settle for something less intense like Tulips. Remember when you gift a woman red roses, you’re asking her to accept you completely in her life. So gift her red roses only if you’re honestly ready to accept her as an important part of your life.




Daisies make the perfect floral gift, when you’re in a relationship with no hang-ups and no commitments. They’re fun and don’t mean anything mean in the lines of something serious like “I Love You” or “You’re My Fairytale”. Daisies are also symbols of innocence, so they make the perfect gift when you’re in the wooing phase or when you have just began dating. They also work as great pacifiers if you’ve had a fight or an unpleasant argument.


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Peonies are said to be good omens when you are starting something new, whether it’s a relationship, job or a new hobby. Peonies also make a great first impression; they’ll convey to your to-be partner that you like to keep it classy. And since, peonies are lucky, you will surely invite plenty of luck in your love life.



Second only to roses, Tulips have just the right amount of sophistication and casualness in them. Tulips come in a variety of colors, so that’s a plus. If you are the type that likes to give relationship’s time and yet not commitment, till you’re absolutely sure, Tulips make the perfect gift. A multi-colored Tulip bouquet could mean that you love their presence in your life.



Simple and dainty, carnations come in plenty of colors and are cheap. If you’re the kind, who often likes to surprise your lady love, carnations are your best bet. You can choose a carnation bouquet depending on the color she likes the most.

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