10 Reasons Why You Should Thank Dad

When was the last time you booked a surprise for dad? While we always pick up gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day invariably takes the back seat. But dads deserve all the love in the world and you know it. Just in case you’ve forgotten how important he is, we’re giving you 10 reasons to thank dad this Father’s Day.

He Took Care Of You When Nobody Else Was Around

Sure dads have an unconventional way of taking care of situations. But they do it just fine. It may not be the perfect but it’s fun.

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He Gave You The Right Push To Believe In Yourself

Remember those days when you were lost and questioned anything and everything?  Dad sat you down and helped you understand the world better. He helped you get your life together, piece by piece.

Helped You Survive Heart Breaks

Remember when you had your first heart-break? It was dad showed you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your First Story Teller

He made your childhood exciting with stories of his adventures and misadventures.

He Gave You Someone To Look Upto

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Your dad’s life journey was enough to supply inspiration for your whole lifetime and even for your children.

He Loved Mom Unconditionally

This is the greatest gift any father can give his children. He taught you what it means to love someone unconditionally.

He Gave You The Best Life He Could

Dad toiled his way up so that everybody back home could live a comfortable life.


He has the magical gift of fixing anything that breaks. It’s almost like a super power.

Your Best Source Of Motivation

Although you’re all grown up he’ll always giving you the right push. For him you’ll always be his little child.

You Have Your Own Superhero

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Step aside Superman, Batman and Spiderman, you can never beat our dads for their superhero powers.

Every dad longs to be loved by his children. He won’t ever say it, but he looks forward to you making him feel special. This 21st June, make Father’s Day a memorable celebration for dad. Trust us when we say we can make this a special moment for you.

Now that you have enough reasons, go book ahead book dad a surprise.


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