Love Flowers? 11 Flower Hacks You’ll Love More

Did you know that you could turn a fused out bulb into a flower holder?

We’ve lined up 11 more amazing flower hacks that any flower lover will love.

Vase Replacement


Out of vases to present your flowers?  Cut the stems and place them in a tea cup.

The Rule Of 45 Degrees


Always cut stems at a 45 degree angle. By doing this the stem ends have more surface area to soak up water. This way your flowers will always look hydrated. Also the stems will get a better base and won’t slip.

Open Closed Buds


Facing trouble with flowers that are beautiful but closed? Here’s a simple technique. After cutting the stems at a 45 degree angle, immerse the flowers in warm water, so that it covers 40% of the length of the stems for about a minute. Immediately immerse the flowers in cold water for 20 minutes and watch the flowers bloom up to their maximum size.

Alcohol For Happier Flowers


While a night of drunkenness will leave you looking terrible, it has quite the opposite effect on flowers.  Take precautions before your flowers wilt by adding a few drops of vodka mixed with white sugar. However, when your flowers are at the brink of wilting, breathe life into them by adding a shot of vodka into the water and they’ll be up for a day or two. Life is indeed better when you’re drunk!

Succulents As Home Decor


Confused about how to present the succulents someone gifted you?  Those old dessert bowls that you want to dispose can be put to good use as replacement pots. Fill them up to the brim with soil, and moisten with water. Place the succulents on top of them. Eventually they’ll grow roots and you’ll have a beautiful set of decor plants.

Shallow Vase Woes


Create a grid using water resistant tape on the brim of a shallow vase to keep your flowers intact. Trim the stems and place them inside the grid.

Fruity Blooms


Take two vases, eg. a rectangular shaped medium vase and a large cylindrical vase. Stick the rectangular one inside the cylindrical vase. Fill both of them up with water. And slip sliced lemons in the gap between the cylindrical and rectangular vase.

A Penny A Day Keeps The Flowers Fresh

Drop a penny into the flower vase to keep the flowers fresh. The copper in the penny acts as an acidifier that helps prevent fungal and bacterial growth, thus improving the longevity of the flowers.

 Bed Of Roses


Thinking of decking up your bath tub or bed with roses? Make this task a little easier by twisting the head of a rose to easily access its petals.

Perfecting The Flower Arrangement

After following the ground rule, of trimming the stems of your flowers at a 45 degree angles, insert the flowers in a crisscross pattern in the vase. This way they’ll support each other and the arrangement too will look fuller.

Enhance It


Add a touch of class to your flower arrangement by wrapping a ribbon around it. Your flowers will simple, yet elegant.

Liked/disliked our hacks? Let us know by posting your views in the comment box below. We look forward to your feedback.


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