Floral Astrology: Flowers For Every Zodiac Sign

It’s easy to pick a luscious rose bouquet as a gift. There are very few who can actually not like a gorgeous bunch of roses. As a giver you’ll feel satisfied that the recipient will like the roses most definitely, if not love them. And as a recipient, you’ll have to comply with the fact that roses are few of the finest flowers to gift after all. But have you ever considered gifting someone flowers that actually suit their zodiac traits? So the next time you’re planning on gifting someone flowers don’t miss this list!

Jan 20 to Feb 18

Flower Match: Orchids, Birds Of Paradise, Gladiolus


Aquarians love to live in the present and also indulge in envisioning a bright future. They don’t just leave in a dream land but work diligently towards achieving all that they’ve set out for. They’re full of life, self-motivated and independent. They have a taste for the exotic. That’s why flowers like Orchids, Birds Of Paradise and Gladiolus suit them best.


Feb 19 to Mar 20

Flower Match: Alstroemerias


Calm, cool headed, level headed and warm is how you can describe a typical Piscean. They are also known for their refined tastes.  Being a water sign makes them largely open hearted, generous and compassionate, and hence they are popular. Remember that Pisceans like to keep things classy, so they won’t appreciate gaudy gifts. Alstroemerias are the perfect match for a Pisceans refined taste. These flowers are like miniature lilies, endowed with just the right amount of splendour and ample beauty.

Mar 21 to Apr 20

Flower Match: Red Tulips


People born under this zodiac sign are passionate and full of energy. Symbolically depicted as a Ram, Arians are fiercely competitive and are born leaders who love to set out on adventures and are risk takers. So while gifting them, you need to keep three things in mind – they like to stay ahead, they like fiery colours and they like to do unconventional things. To match the Arians zeal and enthusiasm gift them a fresh bunch of fiery red Tulips.

Apr to May 20

Flower Match: Stargazer Lilies


Ambitious, stubborn, talented, extroverted people who enjoy basking in attention are some of the core qualities of a true Taurean. They are also a jealous and possessive bunch and don’t like to share the things and people that belong to them. The one flower that can make the toughest of Taurus to melt is a vibrant bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. These flowers are sweet-scented and bright and will surely make the recipient Taurean feel that he/she is your special star.

May 22 to Jun 21

Flower Match: Roses And Peonies


A Gemini is easily described as someone who is fun-loving, easy-going, talkative, flirtatious, diplomatic and the life of every party. However, when not in their element, they can be a startling contrast of their lively personality. Surprise a Gemini with a mixed bouquet of roses and peonies of red. Roses and peonies are a classic choice to convey a multitude of emotions, and will suit the multi-faceted Gemini perfectly.

Jun 21 to Jul 22

Flower Match: Anything will do.


Cancerians are true to their symbol, the crab. They’re tough like the crab, but have gentle hearts. It’s never easy to tell what’s going on in the mind of a Cancerian as they never reveal their true feelings and are great actors. However they aren’t difficult to understand, if you’ve known them for a while. Cancers are ambiverts; they like people, but they like solitude too. Cancers aren’t picky about gifts and will always appreciate the gesture and not really care about the grandeur in a gift. So if you know them personally, pick a flower or color they like.

Jul 23 to Aug 22

Flower Match: Sunflowers, Red Tulips And Orchids


True to their symbol, the Lion; Leos are majestic beings who like everything to be larger than life. Just like the lion, they’re bold and like to be the center of attention. Much like their nature, Leos like bright hues and big flowers. So a sunflower flower arrangement becomes the perfect gift for them. Red tulips also make a good choice for these dramatic beings. Another fitting choice is an Orchid arrangement. Leos are boastful and would be more than happy to make a spectacle of the gift they just received.

Aug 23 to Sep 22

Flower Match:  Asters and Hydrageas In Pastel Shades


Virgos take perfectionism to another level. They like to keep things in an organized and clean manner. An unclean place can be a Virgo’s biggest pet peeve. Virgos appreciate simplicity, so an uncomplicated bouquet of asters and hydrangeas is something that they’ll appreciate. Being modest in nature, they like subtle colors like white and blue. So you can pick a bouquet in pastels.

Sep 23 to Oct 22

Flower Match: Tulip arrangement contrasted with dark and light hues.


Libras are known for their ability to strike a balance in all aspects of life. Librans are a classy lot and will not settle for anything that’s below their refined taste. Tulips are the only flowers that have the capacity to be striking and understated at once. So a bunch of Tulips contrasted with light and dark hues will be the perfect choice for your special Libran.

Oct 23 to Nov 21

Flower Match: Gardenias and Sumatra Lilies


Scorpios are the boldest of all the zodiac signs. They’re passionate, focussed and possessive all at the same time. They have an eye for detail and won’t settle for anything that’s lesser than what they deserve. Charm a Scorpio with seductive fragrances that come from gardenias. But if you want to take your gift one notch higher don’t settle for anything less exotic than Sumatra Lilies. The red petals will have his/her heart racing.

Nov 23 to Dec 21

Flower Match: Carnations Or Any Other Flower Arrangement


Sagittarians are perfect beings that gifted with beauty, brain and brawn. Sagittarians are confident individuals with great personalities and tend to be popular. They’re also flirtatious in nature, but loyal once they commit. Another compelling trait of a Sagittarian is open mindedness towards, people and places. They are always gung ho about adventures and are eternal explorers. It’s tough to break a Sagittarian as they are naturally positive. Gifting them isn’t a herculean task because they are open-minded. However, if you want to give a symbolic floral gift, Carnations fit perfectly. Carnations are long lasting; something that’s symbolic of a Sagittarian’s strength and endurance.

Dec 22 to Jan 20

Flower Match: Anything exotic and loud.

capricornCapricorns are known for their ambitious, endearing and shrewd nature. They can go to any lengths to achieve what they’ve set out for. But don’t mistake their focussed nature with selfishness. Capricorns are very hard-working go-getters who will travel to the ends of the world to attain success. This steady nature of Capricorns make them great care takers and it’s a good choice to gift them with a potted plant. Another thing to keep in mind while gifting a Capricorn is, “the bigger the better”.

So go ahead, win some hearts, pick a gift now!


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