Flowers And Fashion: Floral Is The New Trend In Town!

It’s more than a month since we stepped into 2016 and fashionistas have already begun experimenting with different looks and styles. But do you know what’s the coolest ongoing trend in town? Flowers!

Flowers and fashion are going hand in hand these days and floral has become the new cool in the fashion world. Right from celebrities to working women and even housewives, floral fashion undoubtedly seems to be loved by all!

So here are 5 unbeatable floral fashion trends for 2016 that you’ll absolutely love!

Floral Dresses


Floral prints might have been popular in the fashion world since a long time, but, dresses made from flowers are becoming a rage these days. Like, literally! From celebrities to models and fashionistas, floral dresses are being flaunted these days and, it seems, everyone’s waiting to add one to their closet!

Floral footwear


Ever wondered how would it be to wear flowers on your feet? Experience it for yourself and cast an impression everywhere you go! Flowers are trends that can never go out of fashion and here they leave you spellbound by their beauty. Anyone for this footwear?

Floral headbands


Floral headbands are yet another fashion trends to watch out for in 2016! In fact, they are among the hottest trends of the year and are sure to remain here for years. The social media brims every day with pictures of women donning colorful headbands that look simply pretty and elegant. Who wouldn’t want them?

Floral bags


Flowers never go out of fashion and neither do bags. No matter what the occasion, women always seek to add the trendiest bags to their collection. And what can be prettier than a beautiful handbag with a floral touch to it? Be it a floral print or an actual flower finish, floral bags are the ones that will perfectly complement your every look and get you the attention you deserve.

Floral scents


Oh yes, how could we miss this? Fashion, in today’s world, has not remained confined to clothes, footwear and accessories; it has much more to it. While looking good is important for every woman, even smelling good matters equally! Designers therefore use flowers for their sweet fragrances in scents these days. Imagine smelling like a beautiful rose or lavender while keeping your style statement perfect, ladies!

If you have any more hot floral trends to share with us, do let us know in the comment box.


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