5 Facts About Easter That Will Surprise You!

It’s that time of the year when people get ready to put all their eggs in one basket and gear up to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, Yes, it’s Easter time, the time to celebrate, surprise and smile. Whilst you know that Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you might not know many other significant facts and statics about Easter.

So, here we bring some interesting and engaging Easter facts for you!

The First Story About Easter Bunny Was Published In 1680


It may not be clear when Easter came to be celebrated for the first time in the world. However, the tradition is quite old and we can say this with evidence. The first story about the rabbit hiding eggs in the gardens (now referred to as the ‘Easter Bunny’) was published in the year 1680.

Americans Splurge A Lot On Easter Candy


This is really interesting! We all shop for Easter, don’t we? However, research suggests that Americans spend an estimated staggering $1.9 billion on Easter candy! This is the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween. Apart from candies, people also spend on Easter bunnies, attractive eggs, Easter flowers, gifts and much more.

70% Of Easter Candy Purchased Is Chocolate



Okay, so we know now that Americans spend a handsome amount on buying Easter candies. But which candies do they generally buy? Research suggests that about 70% of the Easter candy purchased is chocolate.

76% Of Americans Think They Believe The Ears Of The Chocolate Bunny Should Be Eaten First


Call it a superstition or reason it, this remains a fact! About 76% Of Americans believe that the Easter chocolate bunny should be eaten starting from its ears. We can only wonder why!

The President Of United States Celebrates Easter Since 1878



The President of the United States hosts a grand ‘The White House Easter Egg Roll’ event which is celebrated along with families and friends ever since 1878.

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