7 Things Mom Never Told You (But You Should Know) !

MOM – All the love in the world begins and ends here! For every mother, her children mean the world to her and there’s no one as beautiful as them. She must have told you a thousand times how much she loves you, believes in you and would stand by you. But there are many things she never told you but you ought to know. Curious? Read on!

1. You’ve made her cry

You made her cry

Before you argue that you have never done it, let us tell you that you’ve made her cry a number of times whether you realized it or not. The moment she realized she was pregnant, she cried. When she gave birth to you, she cried. When she first held you, she cried. When you first called her mom, she cried. Of course, she never told you but she has felt your pain and experienced your joys that all made her cry much more than you think.

2. She was afraid…always!


We know every mom is a super mom and super moms are strong and fearless. But, to tell you a fact, she was always afraid! She was afraid about her pregnancy, about your health, about your safety, about your grades, about your coming home late, about your future and just so much she never told you about.

3. It hurt badly


Being a mother is all about tolerating pain yet remaining strong and she has gone through every bit of it. Yes, it hurt her when you kicked her from her belly, when she gave birth to you, when you pulled her hair and when you bit her while drinking milk. And, that pain is nothing like the one you can ever imagine!

4. She never meant it


She must have scolded you a hundred times, told you she wouldn’t talk to you the next time you made the same mistake or got late to pack your lunch that got you a punishment at school. But, she never meant it! For her, you are her everything, and, no matter how much you pissed her off, her love didn’t recede even a bit.

5. She put you ahead of everything else

She didn’t bother having breakfast herself but made sure she fed you before rushing to work. She spent sleepless nights putting you to sleep. No matter how hungry she was, she gave you that last piece of cake and watched you as you munched it with delight. She always put you and your needs ahead of everything else in the world and never let you know what she compromised for your happiness.

6. You are her biggest weakness


Think your mom is the strongest in the world? Well, definitely she is unless it’s an issue cornering you! She always stood by you in bad times, supported you and lifted you up every time you fell but she never told you how weak it made her seeing you fall down. In the entire world, it is you that can make her go weak in her knees more than anything else!

7. She loves being pampered


Did she ever tell you that she loves being pampered and surprised? We bet she didn’t but yeah, she simply loves it when you do it for her. It gives her the happiness of the world to be loved by her children and pampered by them.

When was the last time you said ‘I Love You Mom’ to her? Don’t remember? Well, now is the time! With Mother’s Day coming up fast on the 8th of May, let her know that she is your strength and that she means the world to you. Check out some cool Mother’s Day surprises online and book one for her right away.


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