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Christmas decorations are a big part of the holiday season. Here are some simple ideas and tips to help you decorate the interiors of your home easily and without much hassle.

Decorating the interiors of your home is very different than setting up the Christmas tree or creating an outdoor display. In an average home there are limited locations that the decorations can be placed on without causing disruptions in daily life, and lessen floor space. Therefore, it is important to view what is available in your home, and then work with it to make the best decoration display possible.

mantle decor

The most common place to set up a decoration is on the mantelpiece. A fireplace and a mantel make for an easily decorated area. It may be interesting to string lights or extra greenery up and down the sides of the mantel, where it stands almost flush with the wall in most houses. Candle holders are a great decorative item to add to such a space in your home. You can also place them on a bookshelf or a kitchen counter and bring in the holiday cheer.

Side tables are excellent for setting up table accents and flower arrangements. Be sure to select ones that complement each other. For dining tables, a good centerpiece can really make the difference in creating the Christmas spirit. Consider whether you want a smaller one that can be left in place when the table is in use, or a large removable setting for maximum visual impact. As you carefully decorate the Christmas tree, don’t forget to keep some extra decorative balls and use them in a centerpiece. You can make a sparkly centerpiece featuring those decorative ornaments and keep the centerpiece where you’ll be hosting your lovely Christmas dinner.


Inside, lights appear much brighter due to the close quarters of the home. So, it may be wise to be careful about the use of large bulbs or LED lights. Common places for lights are to string them on the mantel piece with the other decorations, on a bannister or even outlining a door or doorway. Display wreaths and other door decorations on removable door hooks. Look for ones that can be adjusted to your door width to avoid scratch marks on top of the door frame. These hangers allow you to display Christmas decorations without putting holes into doors or window frames.


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