What Do Women Prefer, Flowers Or Gifts?

Research has shown that 96% of women like to receive flowers when they’re not expecting them. It isn’t always necessary for you to have a reason to send flowers, sometimes flowers can be sent simply.

If you don’t have an occasion to celebrate, then here’s your chance to create one.

Women love surprises, and they love men who take time out to surprise them, a whole lot more. With international flower delivery, sending surprises has become easier than ever.


A woman appreciates the fact that her man was trying to do something meaningful for her. Flowers make simple yet meaningful gifts, their worth can’t be measured in money. It is the thought that counts. Bouquets come across as symbols of love and affection that last but for a few days. It’s a completely impractical gift, and that is why it makes more sense to a woman, because it is beyond barter.

For women, the cost of the gift doesn’t matter too much, but the thought that has gone behind it.

Getting an impromptu gift means a lot to women. It gives them confidence in the relationship they share with their man and also in themselves. It gives her an assurance that her man took time out to think about her and do something thoughtful, and that he doesn’t need a special occasion to surprise her. And this feeling for a woman, is more important than the satisfaction that she gets from a material gift.

A floral gift has more value when the man takes time out to choose a flower arrangement that fits his special woman. So men, go beyond the traditional red and pink roses. Use your imagination; send a her a fresh bouquet of lilies or orchids. If you are planning to surprise her, don’t let it be a typical one.

Flowers smell fresh; feel fresh and women feel wonderful that someone has cared enough to send them an unexpected floral surprise.

Women love being the cause of envy. She’ll love being the center of attraction at her office bay as that proud bunch of blooms; you gifted her, sparkles on her desk.

To make it even more special, men can send in a hand-written note with the bunch of blooms. In today’s age of smart phones, emotions are being spilled on chat applications in overflowing quantity. But in contrast, a simple thoughtful handwritten note would mean so much.

Although flowers aren’t as lasting as a dress or jewelery, they have their own value because they give a different kind of joy. The joy of flowers is short-lived and that is exactly what makes it more precious.

Every time she sees the flowers you sent, she will think of you and will be so much in love with you. Women are romantic beings, who are perpetually in love with the idea of romance. A dreamy reminder like a bouquet of flowers is surely something they’ll love over anything else.

The most important thing to know is that, men; you simply can’t go wrong with flowers. All you have to do is select a bouquet you think she’ll love, and flora2000.com will have it delivered in the most pristine condition. And the best part is, you’ll get all the credit for the surprise.


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