5 Unconventional Christmas Tree Themes For 2019

After a year-long wait, Christmas is finally here! Christmas decoration is an annual ritual that every family enjoys and plans for well in advance. Of course, hunting for new and unique ideas to come up with an enchanting decor is part of the fun and build up to the holiday!

So how about applying an innovative theme to your Christmas tree this year and matching your decor with it? Believe it or not, themed Christmas trees add incredible elegance to your room with their sheer charm. So here are 5 of the most unconventional Christmas tree themes that you can try out this year!

Snowy Wonderland


Although Christmas trees have been presumed to be green in color since traditional times, white colored trees can be a good choice for those seeking an unconventional decor. White colored Christmas trees can be best decorated with simple, metallic ornaments that give them a classy look. You can also change the color theme of your room to white so that it complements the tree and gives the effect of a snowy wonderland.




The Christmas Rainbow theme is yet again an unconventional and beautiful one to try out this year. A simple tree can be decorated entirely with colorful balloons to give it the look of a rainbow. Make sure you do not add any ornaments to the tree apart from the balloons. Make sure you select balloon colors that depict a classy rainbow.

Touch Of Gold


If green and white are too mainstream for you, try giving your Christmas tree a makeover with gold this year. Decorate your tree with gold ornaments all over and see for yourself the elegance it adds to your room. You can also try golden lighting that will give your decor a glowing finish.



If you are not keen on having a traditional leafed Christmas tree, you can also try an aluminium Christmas tree, or make one by arranging books, wooden sticks or lights in the shape of a tree. This will not only make your decor look novel and unique, it will also attract a lot of compliments from friends and family for your creativity.

Quaint Decor


The Quaint Decor theme is for those who are big on tradition and adore the typical style of tree decoration! To give it a trendy twist this year, you can try adding colorful and bold ornaments, whimsical decorations and charming gifts to it. For a classy effect, you can match the color of the ornaments with the color theme of the room.

To enhance the look, add attractive Christmas flowers to your decor.

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