LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Gift Your Beloved Something Bewitching This Valentine’s Day

Fragrances are one of the most popular online Valentine’s gifts to send across to your chosen one on Valentine’s Day. Wearing something so intimate gives a sign of affection and a deep bond. Suiting the personality- perfumes are one of the most romantic and passionate Valentine’s gifts. At the same time, it is important to gift the right perfume and fragrance that suits the personality of the receiver. So make sure you know exactly what your valentine’s taste is when it comes to perfumes.


Gifting high end fragrances has been an age old custom and receiving and sending perfumes has been a big hit with both men and women through the ages and across the globe.

To get an idea of how powerful fragrance can be, look no further than Empress Josephine, who, legend has it, doused her rooms in her signature musk after Napoleon decided to leave her for the Archduchess of Austria. A note with serious staying power, it lingered long after Josephine departed the premises, ensuring that her ex would be reminded of her every time he stepped foot into her abandoned chambers. That such a tale originates in France should come as no surprise, since, perfumes are as much a part of the French culture as food and wine.

The French have never been afraid of their dark, spicy statement scents but as you move across southern Europe, Mediterranean freshness takes over. Citrus and neroli are typical of the region, which has historically served as a melting pot—the early days of Eastern spice traders and exotic travelers left a permanent mark on the fragrance culture.

In the Middle East, fragrance is so ingrained in the culture as the Persians were the first to use distillation to extract oils from flowers—that residents rarely go a day without it. Many women wear strong perfume all over as a way to symbolize arrival. Where smoldering incense and fragrant teas are omnipresent, strong wood notes are popular—earthy vetiver, sensual oud—and there’s a love of layering. Women normally apply a strong, woodsy base, then layer flowery European perfumes on top. The technique is prevalent in In

dia, too, where base notes like sandalwood and patchouli, used for centuries in religious and beautifying ceremonies, are mixed with sensual floral notes like jasmine.

China, with its many different regions, has varied tastes that tend to correlate with the climate. Woody notes do better in dry Beijing, and fruity florals thrive in warmer Shanghai. People in the hot, humid southern areas prefer refreshing but pungent fragrances. That’s in stark contrast to the Japanese, a more reserved society that eschews the heavy scents of other cultures and prefers delicate, well-balanced fragrances.

European Perfumes

Americans, known for their insatiable appetites love gourmand notes like vanilla and sweet, fruity notes like strawberry. And although fresh, “clean” scents are also typically American, the most popular fragrances in the U.S.A have traditionally been feminine florals. This is no doubt left over from their shared history with the British, who are known for, and still enjoy, English-garden floral notes of rose, lily of the valley, and violet.

The world is getting smaller and the door to experimenting with different fragrances is wide open. So this Valentine’s if you are looking to gift your beloved something truly unique and distinct then along with sending her Valentine’s Roses surprise her with a bottle of her favorite fragrance. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can easily send across perfumes and Valentine’s Day flowers along with heartfelt wishes through online gifting, and make your sweetheart feel extremely special.

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