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It is essential to study the history of International Women’s Day to fully comprehend the significance of giving flowers to women. The History Channel states that the first International Women’s Day was observed in Europe on March 19, 1911. The festival sought to highlight the value of women’s contributions to society and to increase public awareness of the need to advance gender equality in their culture. Every year, there is an official theme to provide further details. Quotes, pensive notes, and many other things about the occasion can be shared as a way to honor all the women who have influenced their lives. People also send mother’s day flowers to Philippines, or any other country where their mother lives.

The First Mother’s Day Celebration

The first Mother’s Day was observed in 1907. And Anna Jarvis is the one who brought Mother’s Day into the world. It took her around two years to get Mother’s Day officially recognized as a national holiday in the US. It was planned as a tribute to her late mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who had started a Mother’s Friendship Day in a similar vein as part of her efforts to bring Confederate and Union neighbors together following the American Civil War. Anna Jarvis emphasized the value of honoring one’s mother and wanted Mother’s Day to be a private event between moms and families.

The Importance of Flowers on Mother’s Day  

Flowers were also very important in socialist and communist nations, particularly in Italy on March 8, 1945, the day that the Second World War came to an end. Italian feminists chose mimosa flowers to symbolize strength, sensibility, and sensitivity on Women’s Day. Like the quality of being a woman, the flower is extremely delicate but sturdy, physically able to prosper in adverse places! 

You can send mother day flowers to Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and almost every other country with the help of our online store, Flora2000. We have various flower bouquets available at our e-store, so you can select the one you think is perfect for your mother and gift it to her on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. 

Top 2 Flower Bouquets to Give 

Enchanting Mothers’ Day Bouquet: Our magical bouquet, consisting of twelve pale pink roses and alstroemeria blossoms skillfully placed in a transparent vase, is sure to be the center of attention at any event. Charm and sophistication emanate from this breathtaking ensemble, which radiates beauty and grace. A touching and meaningful way to convey your appreciation, love, or admiration will be remembered long after the first shock has worn off. 

Roses in Pink: A dozen exquisite pink roses, accented with verdant foliage and delicately bound with a ribbon, make for a breathtaking arrangement. 


Get the bouquet of your choice from our online store and surprise your mother on the special occasion of Mother’s Day. Giving flowers as a gift will symbolize your feelings for her, as each flower represents different meanings. So, explore the options available at our store and prepare a beautiful present. You can also add gifts like chocolate boxes, cakes, fruit baskets, perfume, and more with your chosen flower bouquet, and if your mom lives away from you, you can send mother day flowers to Philippines, India, Australia, and many other countries with the help of our international delivery service. Now, visit our e-store and give a beautiful flower bouquet to your mother! 

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