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The Yellow Elder was chosen as the national flower of the Bahamas because it is native to the Bahama Islands, and it blooms throughout the year. Good friends & family gift flowers for Birthdays, Christmas and other significant events. Roses, Carnations & Lilies are the best selling flowers here. If invited to a Bahamian’s home, bring fruit, flowers or wine for the hosts. Here gifts are generally opened immediately when received.
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Jerry Rodrigues - United States - September 06, 2012
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The Bahama Islands Collection We at Flora2000 bring together elegant designs, guaranteed on time flower delivery, personal care, and the finest quality to offer you luxurious floral arrangements for those special occasions. Send flowers and make special occasions even more memorable for your loved ones by delighting them with enchanting ensembles. Rely on us to send flowers online across the country to Leeds by choosing something stunning from our lavish collection of bouquets and exquisite gifts.

How do i send International Flower Delivery to Bahama Islands?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Bahama Islands into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

Discover The Right Occasions To Send Flowers To Bahama Islands

Often considered to be the ultimate beach paradise, Bahama Islands are famed for many things. If you want to surprise someone who lives here, sending a bouquet of fresh flowers is probably the most thoughtful idea. Thanks to numerous trusted Bahama Islands florists, you can place an order and send your love and message across in few steps. In this post, we are discussing more on the flower gifting culture of Bahama Islands, with the right occasions that are ideal for sending flowers.

Flower gifting in Bahama Islands

People in Bahama Islands appreciate flowers as a token of love, and there are no specific rules when it comes to gift giving. To be more precise, you don’t have to be specific with your choice of flowers, and most people value the effort and thought, rather than the price of the gift. Flowers and bouquets are reserved for most special occasions, so you can send a bouquet on all major days, festivals and events.

When to send flowers to Bahama Islands?

Junkanoo Festival. This is the local festival that’s mostly celebrated on the streets, but is a good time to send flowers to Bahama Islands, especially if you want to express your feelings and joy with the locals. Junkanoo Festival is celebrated in honor of freedom by African slaves.

Christmas. Almost 80% or more of locals are churchgoing Christians, so Christmas is a big event. Celebrations start almost a week before and continue all the way to New Year’s Eve. Any choice of flowers is welcome for Christmas and days leading to the New Year. In fact, there are also many local events and celebrations around the Christmas, so expect the full fun mode. Locals appreciate gifts as a gesture on any of these days. Just make sure that you select the right floral arrangement for the right person. Good Friday, Easter, and Whit Monday are also important days.

Birthdays, child birth, weddings and anniversaries. It is also appropriate to order flower delivery to Bahama Islands on these occasions. Anniversary and birthday flowers can be roses, daisies or any of your liking, and colorful bouquets are usually more loved, considering the culture and fun-loving nature of local people.

Special days. Internationally important days, like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Woman's Day, are also celebrated on the islands. Just like anywhere else in the world, sending roses on Valentine's Day to someone special is common here.

Funerals. Bahamian funeral traditions are similar to that in USA and Canada, but there are is no embalming done. If you wish to send sympathy flowers, you can send them directly to the funeral home. Some families may hold a prayer meet or memorial service days after death of a loved one, so you can choose to send flowers on that day too.

The good news is sending flowers to Bahama Islands doesn’t have to be hard, with online ordering. Since gift giving more relaxed here, select a floral arrangement that you like and prefer.
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