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Located in Southeastern Asia the National Flower of this country is the Simpor. If invited to someone's home for dinner bring good quality flowers, chocolates or fruits. Remember, avoid White paper wrapping as it symbolizes death & mourning. And offer gifts with the right hand only or both hands if the item is large. Gifts are generally not opened when received.

Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, Alstroemeria and Carnations are the most preferred flowers for gifting in here.
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How do i send International Flower Delivery to Brunei?

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Surprising Your Loved Ones With Flowers In Brunei- The Abode of Peace!

Brunei, the fourth richest country in the world is a peerless leader in its own way. The growth of Brunei economically and politically over the last couple of decades is astonishing. Nonetheless their national flower ‘Simpor’ symbolizes their ethics as well. The plant is resilient and can survive in many conditions just like how the country has evolved and stood strong against times of economic decline. The Simpor flower is a symbol of Brunei’s development.

Gifting Culture

People of Brunei follow customary practices when meeting someone for dinner at their place. Some of the practices include presenting gifts only with right hand, avoiding gelatine foods and not using white wrapping paper for gifts, as it symbolizes death and mourning.

Famous Festivals

Brunei New Year falls during the mid of February. The entire community gathers with their families and friends. The occasion spans for over two weeks with frolic, fun, fireworks and flowers. Florists of Brunei experience peak in their business during this time with enormous demand for gifts and flowers.

During the mid of year, they celebrate the patriotic festival “Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day”. It is organised to commemorate the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment formed on 1961. People of Brunei attend the festival to witness military parade, a deride fight, and different demonstrations. People bring in a variety of Anniversary flowers to celebrate the patriotic event. 

Brunei people celebrate the end of Ramadan followed by Christmas during year-end. Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated during the end of Ramadan month which is the 9th month of Islamic calendar. Children are presented with flowers, money and new clothes.

Sultan’s Birthday Event

People of Brunei celebrate Sultans Birthday with a huge parade, lots of birthday flowers and a mega feast. Flower delivery to Brunei is done with the help of florist advisors and online platforms. Typically, the celebration lasts for a month and is the most revered event in Brunei.

Hospitality in Brunei:

Bruneians are well-mannered and respectful at all times. They always tend to gift when they meet new people, attend a dinner or during any celebrations. Chocolates, nuts and flowers are usually given. Today it is easy to send gifts to those living far away. Using the current advancement in technology one can send flowers to Brunei effortlessly.

Funeral Etiquette in Brunei:

If you miss a funeral, sympathy flowers can be sent to the deceased’s family. Floral wreaths and floral baskets are also appropriate to be sent. The other funeral arrangements are taken care of by family members and friends. Adding bright flowers symbolises the bright personality of the deceased.

Abode Of Peace

Government of Brunei has managed to draw a perfect line in enriching the lives of people without any disharmony. Non-Islamic people of Brunei are free to celebrate women’s day, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day without any resistance. You can send gifts and flowers during those occasions. Brunei is one of the most peaceful countries around the world with lowest crime rates, thereby attesting it is indeed an “Abode of Peace”.
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