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Thanks a lot Richard. I have recommended all my Relatives & Friends to use your Super Services with the Beautiful Floral Arrangements. Your prices are Great, plus you ship around the world. I was really happy to have found you. So, I have told not only people from the USA, but also China, Europe & Australia about FLORA2000.com, EXCELLENT COMPANY!!!
Jerry Rodrigues - United States - September 06, 2012
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The Bulgaria Collection The world's most sought after luxury floral ensembles are now available in a vase near you at surprisingly affordable prices and with an extended array of Gifts! Featuring international brands, sleek designs, clean cuts, and elegant accessories - our chic international ensembles have been thoughtfully crafted to suit urban sensibilities. Gift in style and choose from our vast collection of Flowers, Hampers, Soft Toys, Perfumes etc.

How do i send International Flower Delivery to Bulgaria?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Bulgaria into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

Things You Must Know About Flower Gifting Traditions of Bulgaria

The national flower of Bulgaria is rose. It is also called the queen of flowers. Presentation of rose to visitors is seen as a sign of friendship in Bulgaria. Besides rose, Bulgarians are also fond of other flowers that include sunflowers, lilies, carnations, tulips, and orchids. They are often presented in the form of birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, sympathy flowers, etc.

The Bulgarian culture is very down to earth and they give more importance and respect to communication, mannerism, and personal behavior. Here, are a few important notes to assist foreigners to learn about the Bulgarian culture.

Bulgarian Customs and Etiquette

Mannerisms People in Bulgaria have a habit of saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ by shaking their head side to side. This is quite puzzling for people who come from outside and sometimes it leads to mis-communication during parties and social events.

Bulgarians are soft-spoken, and speaking loudly is considered to be a rude behavior. Bulgarians love when presented with flowers. Contact any reputed flower delivery to Bulgaria to send beautifully decorated bouquets and other gifting articles throughout Bulgaria.

Concerning Cleanliness and Floors

Bulgarians are quite particular about cleanliness. It is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene when you are visiting Bulgaria. Some of the tips that you must keep in mind with regards to cleanliness are:

Don’t put your feet on chairs and tables. It is not only disrespecting the other people present in the room, but also dirties the table or chair.
Don’t put the towel on the floor. This is because putting it on the floor will make it dirty and no longer useful to dry your body. This is very important, especially in fitness centers and public pools. If they notice you put the towel on the floor, you may even held responsible for violation of cleanliness rules.
Don’t put your backpack, purse, or bag and other stuff on the floor. Keep it on a nearby chair or share someone else’s chair to keep your belongings. Bulgarians are generous and polite by nature and will be willing to help out foreigners.
Don’t sit on a bare floor without spreading a mat, or a rug.

How To Send Flowers To Bulgaria?

Bulgarians are known to present flowers on various occasions. Whether it is their loved one’s birthday, wedding or any other occasion, Bulgarians send flowers to Bulgaria to make every occasion special.

Flowers are given to greet a guest who arrives at the bus station, train or airport. Bouquet is also gifted when visiting anyone’s home to enjoy a feast in Bulgaria. If you are out of the country on any of the festivals, then you could choose to send flowers to Bulgaria cheap price, by ordering online.

Flowers are one of the best ways to show your thankfulness to a volunteer or an employee for the exemplary job done by them. Online florists deliver flowers to Bulgaria either on the same day or the next day to celebrate different auspicious occasions. Flowers are important part of funeral arrangements, birthday celebrations, baby shower, wedding decoration, festivities etc. in Bulgaria.


Understanding the rich and interesting culture of Bulgaria will help you build long lasting relationships. You can have your presences felt by sending the right flowers on different occasions, even while you cannot be physically are there with them.

Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th is a festival of romance & love. Being the ’most romantic day of the year celebrated with Valentine Flowers and cards. It’s also celebrated as 'Saint Valentine’s Day’ or the ‘Feast of Saint Valentine’.

We at Flora2000 offer exclusive selection of Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts. No matter what flowers she likes, here you will find the perfect flowers she’ll love. Name them - Valentines Red Roses, Carnations, Lilies, Tulips or Orchids – we stock them.

Valentines is all about Love – a girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, daughter or anyone you love from the bottom of your heart deserves a gift made of flowers. It goes without saying ‘All arrangements & gifts we deliver comes with a personalized cardwritten by you expressing what you feel on this special day’. So go ahead and pick her favorite gifts before they are gone off the shelf.

Tips for Valentine’s Day

1. Book your orders early [Ideally now] for a guaranteed delivery on or before February 14th 2020.
2. Don’t forget to use flower coupons wherever applicable.
3. Romantic Valentine’s Day Red Roses are perfect if you want to hear a ‘YES’ from your loved one.
4. If flowers are not what she likes; chose from something like a Valentine Cake, Perfumes, Valentine Soft Toys or a Gift like the ‘I Love You’ Red Heart shaped Soft Toys or Pillow. Even Valentine Spa basket are a hit.
5. A Silver Bracelet is another super option.

Did you know Flowers in Red are her first choice and it makes some of the best Valentine Gifts for “Her”.

So you will ask ‘What Women prefer on Valentine’s Day?’

Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Well Roses and Chocolates are the most common items followed by ‘Cuddly Toys, Cushions, Soft Toys, Handbags, Watches & Cosmetics’.

Keeping ‘THAT SPECIAL WOMAN’ in mind; we have stocked the newest collection of the freshest hand cut flowers:
1. Valentine Red Roses.
2. Valentine Pink Roses.
3. Valentine Pink Lilies.
4. Valentine Rose and Lilies Bouquet.
5. Valentines Gifts & Hampers.
6. Valentine Flowers.
7. Valentine Flower Arrangements in Red, White & Pink.
8. Valentine Roses.
9. Valentine Rose with Teddy & Chocolates.

Just remember with Flora2000 ‘The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift’ you’ve been looking for is just a click away.

Upcoming occasion : Valentines Day, Sunday, 14 February

Flora2000 has a stunning collection of flowers for Valentine's Day which are delivered Same-Day or Next-Day to . Flowers for Valentine's Day are successfully delivered by our local flower shop or local florist. You will find the best Valentine Gifts which blow her mind. Valentine's Day Red Roses, Valentine's Day Carnations, Valentine's Day Lilies, Valentine's Day Tulips or Valentine's Day Orchids – we stock them all. If We also send some Fresh Valentine Cakes with Perfumes, Valentine Teddy Bears or a Valentine Spa basket.
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