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A massive island and autonomous Danish territory between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, much of its land surface is covered in ice. Greenland's national flower belongs to the evening primrose family and is called Niviarsiaq. Greenland has a rich heritage of gifting flowers on major occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even sympathy & funerals. The national flower is the Lily. The bestselling flowers here are the Roses, Lilies & Carnations.
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How do i send International Flower Delivery to Greenland?

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Gifting Culture and Traditions among the Inuits of Greenland

Every nation, state and communities have their own unique traditions and rituals. The distinct culture of Inuit, natives of Greenland is no exception. The Eskimos lead life differently than the mainland natives of Greenland.

Their life is amidst nature and extreme wonders. Thus, they experience the real joy of loving their dear ones. Their lifestyle shapes them to value the gifts of nature. We will find them always symbolising flowers to be their strength, purity and part of their life.

Many people from other nations have a misconception that Greenland Inuit never know anything about flowers and green pastures as their world is full of white snow. Interestingly, Inuits do understand more about the floral abundance found on their land.

Hence, while you are planning to send flowers to Greenland friends or relatives especially living in Inuit settlement, make sure to understand the right occasions to gift such gorgeous scented flowers.

Local people of Greenland love to decorate their homes with flowers for every occasion they celebrate. You can find the national flower, Dwarf fireweed decorating their homes during every festival. Thus, making a flower delivery to Greenland homes during festival occasions are always appreciated.

More about flowers gifting culture of Greenland

• Greenland boasts of nurturing an array of wildflowers. Yes, there may be lack of huge trees however the land has abundance of grasslands and colourful wildflowers growing everywhere like in Narsarsuaq. If you want to gift birthday flowers while hiking in this wonderful country, choose the small bright coloured flowers found everywhere.

• There are uncommon flowers, the country’s pride and is a nature’s blissful sight. You can sight plenty of native flowers of Greenland in its valleys and river beds. So, it is not a surprise when the Greenland florists arrange these into floral baskets of native flowers to be gifted, may be as Christmas flowers or Valentine day’s flowers.

• There are even flower valleys in the midst of mountains where the glaciers melt during summer season. What a gorgeous sight to behold! You can see the nature being at its best here.

• The most famous wildflowers are the Arctic Cottongrass. You need to just tie them up with colourful strings to present to your mother as Mother’s Day flowers.

Other gifts in Inuit culture

Natives of Greenland value their natural treasures a lot, thus they are overjoyed when they receive exotic flowers creatively clustered together. Apart from flowers, Inuit people love to gift basic staple things like food, especially hunted whale meat along with beautifully decorated flowers.

The most celebrated occasions are Christmas, wedding eves, Potlatch, Messenger Feast and the joyous instances of catching whales by the crew members of ships.

You can gift a collection of native flowers along with gifts anytime and is enjoyed by them always. While you plan to present flowers to Greenland natives, make sure to do it through well reliable florists ready to deliver the flowers fresh and as well packed gift at the earliest and they will receive the scented natural flowers with a lovely smile.
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