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A country well known for its culture & history where gifting flowers is never missed it occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries or Get Well Soon. The country is also famous for historical sites, beautiful beaches & colorful market places. Sending flowers is a tradition here that is followed since ancient times.

Did you know? Pastries and Baklava are most common gifts given by the Turks followed by vases, goblets or ornaments. Roses, Carnations, Gerberas & Lilies are most common flowers found in Turkey. A hint - avoid giving over expensive or lavish gifts as the Turks love simple inexpensive gifts.
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How do i send International Flower Delivery to Turkey?

Flora2000 has transformed International flower delivery to Turkey into a fine and effortless art. With our efficient flowers & gifs delivery services worldwide; you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message to your loved ones. Be it Roses, Lilies, Carnations or Cakes, our gifts are sure to make both the sender and the receiver happy. We make sure the gifts you give reflects what you feel about the receiver.

It is very well known for its culture & history. The country is also famous for historical sites, beautiful beaches, colorful bazaars and market places. Pastries and Baklava are common gifts given by localites. People also like to gift vases, goblets or ornaments. Weddings are a very huge occasion in this country. Roses, carnations, gerberas are most common flowers found over here. Avoid giving over expensive or lavish gifts. Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Konya are some of the popular cities in Turkey

Interesting Flower Gifting Culture in the Marvellous Country Turkey

Turkey is a West Asian country that has a dominant population of Muslims. They follow the traditions of Islam, but are mostly liberal. It is the home place of Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas), and they have their own customs of gifting.

Turks and flowers have a great relationship together. Starting from gifts, flavouring, making cosmetics, medicines, and poetry, flowers have their own special involvement everywhere.

Flowers to Gift in Turkey

The flower gifting culture in turkey began in the 1600s. Since we have started talking about them, let's just check out the common flowers gifted in turkey. 1. Tulip
2. Rose
3. Winter aconite
4. Herbaceous
5. Snowdrop
6. Windflower
7. Lenten rose
8. Cyclamen coum
9. Crocus
10. White Callas
11. Spring flowers
Istanbul is the largest city of turkey, and the only city in the world that is on two continents. If you want to send flowers to Istanbul turkey on occasions like Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s day, Christmas etc. the best option is to book it online.

Gift-Giving Occasions in Turkey

If you want to send flowers to Turkey on the day of the function/ceremony, here are some occasions when they will be truly appreciated.

1. Wedding
2. Zakat
3. Birthday
4. New Baby
5. Military celebrations
6. Eid
7. New Year
8. Circumcision
9. Return gifts

Gifting Etiquettes You Must Know

The gifting etiquettes can be classified as formal and informal.

Personal or Informal Gift Etiquettes

Present the gift immediately to the recipient upon entering into the venue.
The recipient should open the gift in front of guests (but in birthday parties, the gifts are opened after cutting of cake).
Host/hostess should not or will not open your gift. This helps in avoiding any kind of embarrassment for other guests.
If you are invited to a Turkish home, remember to take small gifts (toys or chocolates, sweets) for children.
If you want flower delivery to Turkey, simply get it done by florists available online. All you need to do is to inform them about the occasion you need the flowers for. You can get birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, sympathy flowers or for any kind of funeral arrangements from florists at the desired venue.
There is no colour bar, however usually a card on the gift is more appreciated.
Never gift alcohol, unless you are sure that the recipient drinks.
Gift books, music, dining sets, crockeries are commonly given family gifts.

Formal or Business Gift Etiquettes

Gifts are neither expected nor given in the first meeting. Never do that!
Go for small and simple gifts (should not be very cheap or very costly), or something that represents your country. If there you want to send flower to Izmir Turkey, then do not worry, and just reach the nearest florist.
If you get gifts and you do not want it, or if taking gifts is not in your company’s policy, you can simply return it by explaining about the restriction.


Don’t gift images showing nudity, especially of female.
Don’t gift alcohol
Don’t gift very personal or overly lavish gifts
Don’t forget to send a return gift.

Sending Flowers To Turkey: Check The Best Occasions Here!

Known for beautiful landscapes, hospitable & warm people, and awesome food, Turkey is ‘stunning’ in one word. This is a Muslim country, so if you want to send someone a bouquet of flowers, you need to find the right occasion, such as Ramadan Festival. Thanks to numerous popular Turkey florists, you can always place an order online. Turkey is famed for tulips, which are seen as a symbol of love and appreciation. When it comes to expressing your appreciation for someone, or for special occasions, most people in Turney prefer carnation and roses. Here’s a look at when you should be sending flowers to someone in this country.

Best occasions to send flowers

Bayrams (Eid). People in Turkey wait for the holy month of Ramadan, which is celebrated across the country. Eid al-Fitr is a perfect occasion to send flowers to Turkey to friends and family. One of the other biggest celebrations is Eid al-Adha, which is also called KurbanBayramı. You can select flowers such as roses, carnations and even a mix of floral arrangements. Note that orchids are considered to be very posh in Turkey, and many locals appreciate it. The dates for religious festivals depend on the Gregorian Calendar, which can be checked online.

Weddings. If you someone you know is getting married in Turkey, you can consider sending flowers as a thoughtful present. The good news is flowers are always loved for occasions like weddings, which are most a religious affair. Gifting flowers is also the most subtle way of wishing a couple, especially if you are unsure of the gift that may be appreciated otherwise. It is also common to send gifts and flowers for engagement ceremonies.

Birthdays and Anniversaries. The birth of a baby is a big event in Turkey, and gifts are usually given for the occasion. For birthdays too, you can send flowers to Turkey. For birthday flowers, select a mix of floral arrangements, or go for carnations and roses. Anniversary flowers can be anything like roses, orchids, carnations, lilies.

Funerals. If you cannot be present at the funeral of someone you know, you can choose to send flowers. Funeral flowers are considered to be thoughtful. There is a 40-day mourning period, and it is better to send sympathy flowers during that time.

Other occasions. Turkey also celebrates some of the other big days as in the west. It is okay to send someone a bouquet of selected flowers on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Woman’s Day. While Christmas is not a big festival here, in some parts of Turkey, it is still celebrated and flowers could be the best gift from a distance. Note that you may also consider buying a baklava, which is a traditional gift considered to be a norm in the country.

If you want to get flower delivery to Turkey, you can place an order online, and the flowers will be delivered fresh on the next day. When not confident of a gifting option, bouquets are the best option for expressing your love and thoughts.

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