All boxed up and ready to go !

All Boxed Up

Boxing Day, celebrated in Great Britain and in most areas settled by the English, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is December 26, the day after Christmas. There are many interpretations for the day. One theory dates back to an earlier time in which the primary practice of giving gifts to employees and those providing services throughout the year was done the day after Christmas. Another theory (my favorite) recognizes that Christmas celebrations brought family members from far and wide to gather together in this once a year opportunity for fellowship. At the end of the celebrations, each family would fill a box with their annual necessities (provided by the head of the household) and head back to their homestead. This sounds very similar to the contemporary practice of college kids, home for the holidays gathering up food, clothes and money before heading back to school – I guess times don’t really change much.

A floral interpretation of Boxing Day begins with a hinged basket. Have your florist fill the inside with flowers arranged in floral foam, close the lid and gift it to your favorite person. What a surprise when they lift the lid and see the tapestry of fresh blooms.

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