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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Romeos and Juliets! Valentine’s may be another excuse for lovers around the world, but let’s face it… it’s a really good one! Why should anyone miss out on the chance to enjoy the most romantic day of the year?

Dress up, pop some bubbly, enjoy a candlelight dinner and of course, bring a gift. Jewelry, stuffed cuddlies and chocolates are always winners but, presentation is the key. And, who can forget the most important ingredient for love… FLOWERS!

Given our passion for flowers and emotions we understand the importance of Valentine’s Day and we have just the thing for you:
A Valentine’s Day contest. Complete the sentence below and leave it in our comments box. THREE contestants with the best answers will receive a FREE Valentines Bouquet each, to send to their special someone.

So dig deep, get creative, and the winners will get a little help from Flora2000 this year.

A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be……….

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215 Responses to Flora2000 Valentine’s Day Contest!

  1. J Piper says:

    take care of all the little chores that tend to pile up & get ignored.

  2. vuyo says:

    A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be………. to NAG NOT, no fussing, no requesting ANYTHING for that day, just thanking him and loving on him, this is all to show my man that he can be that little romantic boy, albeit one day, he once was at the age of three and enjoy the flowers his late nana used to give to him …

  3. Daniel Granger says:

    A romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be… to spend more time looking for the perfect ideas for valentines day than I spend studying for exams! I’ve been dating my girlfriend since our senior year in high school (3 years, 4 months, and 4 days to be exact!), and I want this valentines day to be perfect considering it’s the first we’ll be able to spend together without having class/work in the morning.

  4. Hanadi Perez says:

    A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be get a cheese cake delievered to his office during the day with a note on it saying you are my every thing my love “your wife whos crazy about you” then in the night when he comes home i will take all the lights off and put candles and flowers every where and I note by the door saying waiting for you inside my sweet love and by the bedroom door a note saying I am all yours for ever I love you and will always do “come in” and the rest will be only for him to see and to know.

  5. Elsie says:

    I will write a poem….

    The winter days are never cold,
    The summer goes by too fast,
    My wish for us is simple…
    Our love is blessed to last.
    And when the angels come for us,
    Together we will be,
    In love and laughing, holding hands,
    In heaven, for all to see.

  6. Isabell Mc Carthy says:

    A Romantic thing i would do for my Valentine…..

    We are physically more than a thousand mile away,and will be for some time it seems, so if i could on Valentine’s day i would phone him first thing in the morning for my daily wake up call to say good morning….. then he will hear the door bell and i would be calling him from at his door step( hiding)… he will first see A Rose with a note ” I love you” … and round the corner another Rose with a note ” I can’t possibly live without you” and one in my hand with a note in big letters that he can still read even with the shock ” I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOU” …….. if only i could …..

  7. Andrew Q says:

    A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be……….

    …to invite her to dinner for two at a venue where they would be having evening entertainment, atmospheric lighting and a little fun dancing. I would whisk her off to a secret location overlooking beautiful scenery… and as the stars glisten over us, serenade her with one of my own personalised songs and acoustic guitar, before turning on some gentle old-school jazz music to slow dance to.

    When she tires, we could lie under the stars on the soft blanket whilst sipping one of her favourite wines… a gentle kiss would ensue and I would be the happiest man alive. : )

  8. David Rockingham says:

    These gorgeous flowers will make you a winner every time!

  9. Vilma says:

    A romantic thing I would do for my valentine is to start the day Thanking God ..praying together for having the time to celebrate this especial day with my husband and my 5 year old son….prepare breakfast for both of them and tell them how thankful I am to have a happy family ..Give each them a card and hugs and kisses…. Wishing that our love for each other grows as the years pass by , and the challenges will help us become a better and stronger couple and family….

  10. Kathleen De Rose says:

    I would send him a private belly dancer.

  11. Ann says:

    A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be……….the same thing I try to do everyday: express my love with wordless gestures. I would let the flowers do the talking, as they always do. Sometimes the most romantic thing to do is just be real.

  12. Jeff says:

    give my old lady a fifteen minute footrub when she gets home from workin down at the factory everyday

  13. Twiz Rimer says:

    A Romantic thing I would do for my valentine would be……….
    To thank her for loving me no matter what. I would lay rose petals up the stairs, randomly bombard her with kisses. I would tell her how much I love her whilst massaging her by moonlight, I’d make a picnic of all her favorite foods and take her to her favorite place and surprise her with all-around-the-world tickets and we go to everywhere she has every wanted to go.I would do all chores without her having to ask! and I’d smile at her and hold her hand.

  14. Kelley Vayda says:

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  15. Cedric Dicecco says:

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