Traditional Holiday Centerpiece

Traditional Holiday Centerpiece

Every year I create beautiful candle centerpiece for the table. And, every year there is so much food that the centerpiece gets banished from the table. Why, oh why? Because it is tradition! Besides that, the food is on the table for just a few hours. Soon, the table is cleared and the centerpiece is returned to its intended home. A fresh flower centerpiece can be enjoyed for several days. Long after the dinner is eaten, dishes washed and leftovers put away, the centerpiece sits on the table as a reminding of the wonderful celebration. Now you know why I create a lovely centerpiece that gets banished – don’t you agree it is a very good tradition? Don’t forget, it is time to order your centerpiece today!

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2 Responses to Traditional Holiday Centerpiece

  1. tony giampaolo says:

    do you deliver fruit to colombia and do you also deliver chocolate as well. Lots of time I don’t want to send flowers , only chocolate do you provide this service

  2. S.P.BUNGER says:

    wonderfull and unique one

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