Flowers for Holiday Entertaining

Flowers for Holiday Entertaining

This time of year each and every day is full of visits, parties, dinner invitations and impromptu get-togethers. Whew! You have to be prepared for anything and everything. Start by stocking the pantry with cookies, crackers, tea and a few favorite bottles of wine. Make sure you have a selection of cheese, nuts and dried fruits and you will be ready for last minute food service with style. Now, for the important part – flowers! Yes, fill your house with flowers and you will be ready for what ever transpires. My favorite holiday décor is based upon a collection of small glass vases with coordinated blooms. They quickly transform a room into a celebration venue.

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2 Responses to Flowers for Holiday Entertaining

  1. b n mishra says:

    fine collections thank u.

  2. b n mishra says:

    fine collections . thank u.

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