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If you are a soldier stationed abroad, trying to find a service that will let you send flowers to your wife on her birthday or to your daughter who just graduated back home, is like trying to find which cave Osama Bin Laden is holed up at.

In fact, a U.S. army SFC, who experienced the above problem put it this way… “Prior to finding your site, I had attempted to use many other sites to send my family gifts. I was annoyed and disappointed each time when after getting almost all the way done with the order, I hit a speed bump. Mostly it was that “Worldwide Service” actually meant USA and Canada to these companies.”

The truth is that many floral delivery services are great when you live in the U.S. or Canada. But that doesn’t quite fit for soldiers working overseas. Instead, they are stuck with two bad options: 1) trying to find a local florist back home and making a international phone call to order flowers they will never see or 2) tooling around online with the big flower delivery sites like our solider.

Flora2000 was created specifically to solve these problems by offering premium flower delivery services to 150 countries. After placing an order at, a consumer’s request is routed to the closest, hand-picked professional florist where the order is arranged and then hand-delivered. And best of all, your credit card is not charged until delivery has been received.

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Flora2000 is the World’s premier international floral gifting brand. We feature a beautifully illustrated avant-garde collection of exquisite arrangements, especially suited for creating unforgettable moments for the special people. For over a decade, Flora2000 has transformed fine flowers into artistic expressions of mesmerizing beauty. Elegant design, personal care and the finest quality come together to offer you stunning floral arrangements for those special occasions. With a distinguished nationwide presence in the US, India & UK, we also deliver in over 190 countries. Our mission is to make floral gifting a personal, convenient and an exclusive experience.
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