Plants To Send College Students

It’s back to school time for college kids this week and it should come as no surprise to mom and dad that dorm living isn’t exactly like staying in a 5-Star hotel. Between the dirty laundry, empty beer bottles and spare notebook lining the dorm room floor, most parents want to help liven up their child’s living space.

But besides stocking the fridge with healthy snacks and decorating the walls with poster and pictures, choosing a nice plant or flower arrangement that not only fits the dorm motif but can also survive the lifestyle of your average American college co-ed can be a challenge.

So here is a great list low-maintenance, high-tolerance plants that we recommend.

Lucky Bamboo In A Designed Pot

This lucky Bamboo contains 5 stalks, 4-6” in height with a decorative container and rocks. This would bring your loved ones the luck they need to get good grades.

Bold Bromeliad

Rustic yet exotic, the deep green foliage is a fitting stage for the bold and colorful bromeliad. Easy to care for and requiring little attention, this plant adds a touch of color to any room.

To have a look at some more plants Visit Our Plants Range

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