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What would life be without pictures? Pictures play such an important role in our lives. Right from the time we first set foot into this world to the day we carry our grandchildren in our arms; we cannot help but be caught on camera. While pictures of our teenage years may leave us red cheeked, they’ll always remain a cherished property. Keeping the eternal relationship between people and 35mm and the Valentine’s season in mind, we’re running the Cutest Couple Contest on our Facebook page.

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It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. All we want are cute pictures of you and your beau. All entries from your high school prom photo to your 60th Wedding anniversary photo, are welcome. Send in your entries to [email protected] and we will have them published on our Facebook page. What’s more, if you get the maximum number of likes, you will win a Valentine’s gift hamper, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Why participate in this contest you ask?

Our answer is, simply, because it’s fun and while you’re at it, you stand a fair chance to win a gift hamper. So why not participate?

If you think you two look cuter than Mickey and Minnie, then send in your entries and let the world have a glimpse of your cuteness.

Just to make this entire exercise more fun, you can follow some of the cheat codes below:

Keep it sentimental: Make sure that your picture has a sentimental value to it. Honest emotions always work.

Share with a fun tagline: Share the original link of your picture on our contest page and share it on each of your Facebook walls, preferably with a fun tagline. Something like, “Spread some love this Valentine’s, like our picture and share it too.”

Request your friends to share: Tag your friends, in your picture. Make sure you tag your friends who won’t really mind being tagged and drop them a personal message asking them to share it on their respective Facebook walls.

Share on other social media platforms: If you’re active on other social media platforms like Twitter and Google plus, share the link to your picture. And voila, you’re sure to top the charts!

Repost: Keep re-posting your own picture, everyday. Once people understand that you seriously want to win this one, the chances of them sharing your picture increases.

We’re accepting entries for the Flora2000’s Cutest Couple Facebook Contest till February 13, 2014. However we suggest you to send in your pictures right away to [email protected], as it will give you more time for promotions. May the cutest couple win!


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