Single or Not, Here are 14 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Awesome

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Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by lovers only. Says who? There’s no harm in slightly tweaking traditions now, is there?  The festival in question here celebrates love, and love has been breaking traditions for centuries together. So why not give Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning?
We’ve observed that single men and women look at Valentine’s Day scornfully. But in actuality, there’s no reason to do so. Whether you’re single or not, here’s are 14 reasons why Valentine’s Day is awesome.

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Apart from birthdays and anniversaries and festivals, Valentine’s Day gives you another reason to receive and give gifts to people. The joy in gifting and receiving gifts is unrivaled, so bask in it.

2.Quality Time

Days come and go. We wake up, go to our respective offices catch up with our loved one’s on holidays. But on Valentine’s Day people take special efforts to plan their day out well for their loved ones. Nothing quite matches up to spending a day spent well with the person you adore.

3.Exclusive Day Of Love

Through out the year, we do things that time and again prove our love to someone. We also tell them how much they mean to us. But all of this is done in between life. But Valentine’s Day makes loving someone and expressing love, doubly special, simply because it’s a day that exclusively celebrates love.

4.PDA Galore

PDA on Valentine’s Day is extra special. Almost everybody in love show it. Although it might be a little difficult for Singles to digest this, sometimes it’s a good idea to be happy in the happiness of others. Even if you’re bitterly single, the sight of watch an aged couple, walking hand and hand on a street, will surely make your heart melt.

5.Taking Special Efforts To Find That Perfect Gift

From looking up several online shopping websites to taking advice from friends and experienced lovers, it’s adorable to watch lovers search for the perfect gift for their special someone.

6.Kids In Love

Regardless of how immature or mushy it may be for your taste, when you look at young, school-going  teenagers, especially kids in love, you can’t help but go all “aww” over them.

7.The Excitement Before Planning The Day

Nothing matches the excitement one feels whilst planning V-Day. You feel anxious because you want to make sure your partners loves, what you give them.

8.Overlooking the Fights You’ve Had

It’s a day that you consciously overlook all the fights you have had in the past and forgive each other, making your relationship stronger than ever before.

9. A Little bit of Valentine’s Day, everyday

Valentine’s Day makes you realize that if you would give even a fragment of the love you shower on your partner on V-Day on a regular basis, your love-relationship would be nothing short of a dream.

10. Perks of being Single

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day isn’t any less special. You don’t have to gift anybody anything. In fact you could buy yourself a gift.

11. No Guilt Trips

If you’re single, you don’t have to take any efforts to please anybody or make sure that special one, likes what you gift them. All you got to do is, sit back and relax, guilt free.

12. Go Explore

You aren’t in a love-relationship or anything that’s close to it. So what? Go ahead, have your share of fun, meet more people, get to know them. You have the exclusive privilege to go tell multiple people that you love them, and get away with it.

13. Narcissism Encore

Love yourself. You cannot love anybody else, unless you love yourself enough. Pamper yourself, go shopping, do whatever you like and do it for yourself, do it because you like doing it.


Think about all the money you saved because you didn’t have anyone else to please this Valentine’s, buy something that you have wanted to buy out of that saved money.

So you see, whether you’re single, in-a-relationship or married, Valentine’s Day will remain an awesome day regardless of the flak it receives from cynics. Still confused about what to gift your Valentine, go to and choose from an entire range of original and gorgeous gifting options.

We hope you have a love-filled Valentine’s, this year.


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