Stressed? Make Flowers Your Best Friend

It is said that, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” The presence of fresh flowers can brighten the gloomiest of days and often helps in bringing a smile of someone’s face. While it is commonly accepted that flowers bring out the best in people, it has now been proved by science that inhaling certain flower fragrances alters gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that reduces stress levels. So before you disregard gifting someone flowers and consider buying flowers a waste of money, think again. Below are listed flowers that will help you destress.

Dried lavender is said to have aided in healing sleep disorders for centuries. The easiest way to bring it into practice is by sewing it into pillows or placing it in vases in your bedroom.

In ancient Egypt, Daisies were inhaled commonly for healing the body of illnesses. If consumed with tea it aids to calm anxiety, headaches and induces sleep.

Flower Therapy

Evening Primose
Evening Primose is known to ease depression and balance hormones.

Roses naturally smell sweet and are used to convey warm greetings. The smell of roses are said to have a calming effect.

While we’ve handpicked Lavenders, Chamomiles, Daisies and Roses to help you relieve stress, all flowers that smell sweet, are said to have healing properties and can be used to relieve stress.

Simple things like tucking a flower bud behind your ear or into your pocket if you’re a guy, making a simple wreath, or headband out of little flowers, and adding a dash of style to your otherwise boring wardrobe by circling a garland of fresh flowers around your wrist, can add color to your otherwise mundane existence.

So it isn’t simply said that one must stop and smell the roses. So go ahead and buy yourself the next bouquet of flowers you see.


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